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Diane Stark

The Queen of Yes

By Diane Stark

Last Friday, I had a million errands to run and a little boy who would’ve much rather stayed home and played. “I’m sorry, Bud, but you have to go with me,” I said. “Daddy’s not home from work yet, and I can’t leave you home by yourself.” Nathan sighed. “But I just got a new […]

The Best Part of Me

By Diane Stark

“Did you notice that Nathan has an under bite?” My husband’s cousin asked me at my son’s first birthday party. “He is turning one tomorrow, and he only has four teeth,” I said. “How could he have an under bite already?” But sure enough, when I asked Nathan to smile, it was clear that his […]

Food Equals Love

By Diane Stark

“What did you do for your birthday yesterday?” I asked him. “You brought cupcakes for my class, remember?” “Well, yeah, but what did you do last night? With your family?” He shrugged. “Nothing.” “Did your mom make something special for dinner?” He shook his head without looking at me. I ducked my head to catch […]

“What’s your love language?” I asked my now-husband on our first date. “Touch,” Eric answered without even thinking. I smiled. “Mine too.” Although it was our first date, his answer seemed like confirmation of everything I’d been feeling since we’d started chatting on the dating website, eHarmony. This guy is special, maybe even The One, […]

Smarter than You Think

By Diane Stark

A while back, I attended a banquet to honor that year’s high school graduates. Each student was asked to share their plans for the future with the audience. Most of them announced plans to attend college or join the military. But one boy said, “I’ve just completed an online course to become a Certified Life […]

“Mom, look at this Star Wars Lego set,” my eight-year-old son Nathan said. “Can I get it for my birthday?” Before I could answer his first question, he continued, “If you’ve finished shopping for my birthday, can I get it for Christmas instead?” I smiled. My son had definitely figured out how things work in […]

Just Joyful

By Diane Stark

“Diane, sit down,” my first grade teacher reminded me for the hundredth time. “You’ll need to be quiet too.” I wanted to be good. I really did. I loved my teacher, and I longed to please her. But sitting still for too long made me feel anxious inside. Like I might burst or something. And […]

Forgetting the Rules

By Diane Stark

“I’ll be right back,” I told my seven-year-old son, Nathan. “I’m just walking down to get the mail.” “Ooh, can I go?” He asked. “Can I eat a popsicle while we walk?” I frowned. “Not this time, Honey. You’re still in your pajamas.” “So? Why can’t I go? I really want to eat a green […]

“Where are we going, Mom?” My siblings and I asked from the backseat of our woody station wagon. But Mom just smiled like she had a big secret. Finally, she stopped the car at a place called the Humane Society.  “Where are we?” I asked. Mom smiled again. “You kids have been begging for a […]

“Mom, what’s for dinner?” I sighed. It was 7am, and my children were eating breakfast. And one of them just asked me what’s for dinner. It happened nearly every morning. Finally, after being asked about dinner over breakfast one time too many, I asked, “Why do you guys ask me that all the time? It’s […]

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