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Diane Stark

Love Can’t Wait

By Diane Stark

“Oh, Honey, I forgot to tell you that I’m going out of town this week,” my husband Eric said during our usual Sunday night briefing regarding the week ahead. “I’ll be leaving on Tuesday morning and coming back late Thursday night.” I nodded, thinking of what the kids and I had going on that week. […]

86,400 Seconds

By Diane Stark

“Cars,” my not-quite-two-year-old son, Nathan, said, pointing at the hanging display of Matchbox cars at our local grocery store. He smiled sweetly and said it again. “Yes, I see those cars,” I said. But Nathan shook his head. “Need cars,” he said. “You already have lots of cars at home,” I said. Nathan shook his […]

The Master Plan

By Diane Stark

“Hey, Honey, the insurance representative is coming to the office tomorrow,” my husband, Eric, said. “I’m going to double my life insurance policy, OK?” “Double it? Do you really think we need that much?” Eric nodded. “Well, since we got married, we’ve doubled the size of our family, so I figured you’d need double the […]

Becoming a Cook

By Diane Stark

“Do you like Hamburger Helper?” My then-boyfriend’s 12-year-old son, Austin, asked me the first time I met him. “I hope so because it’s the only thing my dad knows how to cook.” “It’s OK, Honey, I can cook,” I assured him without even thinking. He eyed me suspiciously. “What do you know how to make?” […]

New ’Do, New ’Tude

By Diane Stark

We all think of ourselves in a certain way. In our mind’s eye, we picture ourselves with certain qualities, and even if those things change outwardly, we still think of ourselves that way. The first thing people notice about me is my height. I’m incredibly short (like young-children-have-mistaken-me-for-a-little-person short). So, even if someday I have […]

“Hey, Honey, I’ve got something to tell you,” my husband, Eric, said over the phone. “Make it quick, OK? I just dropped the kids off with my mom, and now I’ve got to finish packing,” I said. “I can hardly wait to get on that plane!” “Yeah, about that. The manager of the time share […]

A Plug of What?

By Diane Stark

My obstetrician snapped off the rubber glove she’d worn to check my progress. I waited on baited breath for her to utter any words involving dilation, effacement or anything else potentially pregnancy-ending. “You should be losing your mucus plug any time now,” my doctor said with a small smile. “Mucus plug? Ooh, what is that?” […]

Back to School Blues

By Diane Stark

“Bye, Sweethearts, have a wonderful day!” I called to my children as they boarded the bus for the first day of the new school year. I sniffed and wiped my eyes. “Oh, Honey, it’s only a half-day. They’ll be home again before you know it,” my husband, Eric, said with a sympathetic smile. I sniffled […]

I have five children. Three of them I acquired the normal way – nine months of heartburn and hemorrhoids, followed by no less than 17 hours of unpleasant sensations in my abdominal area. But looking back, I count those days as some of the best in my life. (Motherhood is funny that way.) My other […]

The Hug-inator

By Diane Stark

One of my children’s favorite cartoons is called “Phineas and Ferb.” It’s about these two boys who happened to be named – yeah, you guessed it – Phineas and Ferb. There’s also a bad guy who’s a lot more dorky than he is evil, and a platypus turned spy named Perry. (Yeah, I know, it’s […]

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