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Erika Hoffman

New Year’s Eve

By Erika Hoffman

New Year’s Eve – it’s to twenty-something bachelors and bachelorettes what Christmas is to Santa-loving tots – a time of anticipation, of excitement, of satisfaction, of wild dreams and unbridled passion. So what’s NYE for the rest of us? Usually, I watch the speckled ball drop in Times Square via television. My tradition of whom […]

Same Old, Same Old

By Erika Hoffman

I must be insane. Albert Einstein, one of the most brilliant humans of all time, stated, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” How many times have I nagged my husband about picking up his messes, to no avail? Or complained about folks who disappoint me over and […]

Ma Raison d’ Etre!

By Erika Hoffman

“You’re to blame!” The voice on the line scolded, half laughing. “For what?” I answered. “My life!” “Huh?” “And my four siblings’ lives, too!” “Hold on, now!” “Mom told us the story. We exist solely because of you.” “Carol, what on earth…” “Dad changed his mind. When he married, he told Mom flatly he wanted […]

I needed Blue Coral Wash and Wax. Walmart carries it. It was late. I asked my husband to accompany me because folks who could be type-cast in Night of the Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, or Orange is the New Black stalk the aisles of this cavernous building. So, we drove, parked, and entered the gaping […]

Not as it Appears

By Erika Hoffman

Today I tripped over a long-haired, red fox – a stuffed toy for our two dachshunds. I picked it up, turned it over in my hands, and a smile spread across my face as I recalled something that happened three years ago. Our female miniature dachshund was dragging that stuffed animal around with her, although […]

The Chico’s Connection

By Erika Hoffman

His freshman year, my son met a girl. At dinner one spring evening in the outskirts of Atlanta, after a long drive from North Carolina, his dad, sister and I were introduced to Jessica, a pretty girl with auburn hair and green eyes. I could tell our 18 year old son was in love. That […]

Think “Pot”

By Erika Hoffman

“You left the candle burning all night,” my husband, of 40 years, greeted me. “Sounds like lyrics to a song,” I said, yawned, and grabbed eggs from the fridge. “It didn’t burn all the way – luckily.” “Scented candles are slow burners.” After his omelet, he packed up his laptop, full coffee mug, and bundles […]

Catty Me!

By Erika Hoffman

“I hope you write that story, Erika. You owe it to your readership,” Susana emailed. “I think an issue of a magazine on cats would give you just the prompt you need to write down that wonderful story you recounted so wittily, fluidly, vividly and spicily.” When I related my tale, we were floating in […]


By Erika Hoffman

I started a new yoga class today. It’s for beginners, I’ve taken yoga before. I’m always the one in the back of the class: the one who during “down dog” is peering over at fellow students assessing if my dog is sufficiently down enough to pass muster. I’m the one slipping out to get a […]


By Erika Hoffman

I felt a bit in the doldrums. Two of my friends, who were supposed to accompany me on a day trip, cancelled. I went anyway. The field trip wasn’t as intriguing as I thought it would be. The next day I developed a cold, and I blamed bus germs from the previous day’s trip. The […]

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