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A Drop in Every Cup: The Heroes of North Myrtle Beach Public Safety

Lieutenant Dana Griffin, Patrol Officer May Lauzon and Firefighter Hannah McLaurin embody everything that is right about law enforcement and public safety. Learning about these three women and their work was not only an education for me, but an honor. And, fortunately for all of us, there are many, many more just like them. If […]

Healing Help: Kim Kelaher, Pharm. D

Kim Kelaher, Pharm. D, Pure Compounding Do you do any volunteer work? I like to volunteer in activities that I can do with my family. I volunteer to help at my child’s school because it gives me an opportunity to help out and to be a part of her world. My husband is a member […]

Fun Fitness: Kelsey Stone

Kelsey Stone, Pure Barre, Murrells Inlet Growing up, who was an important role model? How did this person influence your life? My mother has been and always will be an important role model. As a kid, it was harder to see how much she really did for us all. But by the time I was in […]