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Everyday Joy

Storm Warning

By Rose Ann Sinay

Friends and I decided to crash a local Mediums’ Convention. None of us believed in fortune tellers. It had just seemed like a fun thing to do – like bringing out the Magic 8-Ball at a sleep over when we were teenagers. Though we wouldn’t admit it, we secretly hoped to hear that we would […]

Beautiful, Versatile Lamps

By Marce Singleton

Lamps, when chosen and placed correctly, can provide the perfect finishing touch for any room. Think of it like adding just the right jewelry to a little black dress. With so many styles to choose from, you can add warmth to a space or change the look and feel completely. Beautiful colors in porcelains and […]

Choral Director at Waccamaw High School in Pawleys Island, Sylvia Plyler’s journey to becoming a high school choral director and leader of an award winning choral group was a little different than some music teachers. A native of Darlington, South Carolina, marriage, education and jobs led Sylvia to Colorado where she was working and raising […]

The Joy is in the Hunt

By Connie Gunter Spahr

Trying to design or redesign your home can be overwhelming. Actually, it can be downright miserable! But when you break it down to one item at a time you can find absolute joy in decorating your home. Helping people find the perfect “new to you” item to complete their home is my joy. As an […]

Devon Smith, the energetic leader of St. Frances Animal Center, is passionate about her work and loves talking about how our pets enrich our lives. “There is so much research to indicate how good pets are for kids,” Devon told me when I asked her to talk about families adopting a shelter pet. “Kids who […]

Call of the Osprey

By Linda O’Connell

Residents in all regions of the United States have had to deal with some type of destructive weather-related and/or natural disasters. My husband Bill and I have witnessed firsthand, damaging thunderstorms and the after effects of tornadoes, typical summer weather in the Midwest. We felt heartsick as we listened to the news accounts and saw […]

Just Breathe

By Erika Hoffman

At my desk in front of my computer within my study, I sit, slumped in my swivel chair slowly pecking out this essay and mulling over the fact that traits one possesses which might be deemed undesirable can turn out to be useful in certain situations. For instance, I don’t like to rush about. I […]

Shelter in Place, by Nora Roberts It was an average day in Maine; everyone is hanging out at the local mall when the shooting occurs. Despite only lasting a few minutes, this event forever changes the town and its residents. The survivors of that fateful day grow up looking over their shoulders, some becoming heroes, […]

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