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Everyday Miracles

Traditions, aren’t they made to be broken? Should I choose to soothe the holiday blues with the salve of new traditions? Mom is older and tired. Should I think outside the box of dust covered memories and faded photos? While older, wiser loved ones will tend to take a foot hold in the depths of […]

At the sight of the first snowflakes floating down from gray skies, we began to pray for more. We went to bed with our fingers crossed as feathery white flakes coated the ground and trees. If we got lucky, there would be six inches on the ground by morning. At day’s first light, snow drifts […]

My mother’s sewing machine hummed all year but it leapt into overdrive in early November. She’d dig into her stash of dog-eared Family Circle magazines, locate a “DIY in 10-Minutes Thanksgiving Potholder” pattern, sit down at her Singer and sew serenely all afternoon. “I thought you might like this for your table, Val,” she’d say, […]


By Lola Di Giulio De Maci

When my brother was 21 years old, he walked out the door in his white Navy uniform on his way to the plane that would take him to a faraway land. Mom, Dad, my two sisters and I stood on the front porch steps, watching him disappear down the street and around the corner. Life […]

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