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Family Ties

Mary Emily Platt Jackson, matriarch of the family that started The Jackson Companies, was known and loved by everyone who knew her. The company started by Mrs. Jackson and her husband, Nelson Jackson, now includes Ocean Lakes Family Campground, Prestwick Golf & Country Club, Ocean Lakes Properties, Ocean Lakes Golf Cars, Ocean Lakes RV Center, […]

Forty years ago this spring, my grandfather, Clark Callahan, and my dad, also Clark Callahan, bought a 2,500 square foot building in Calabash that had housed a gift shop. My grandfather lived here and was one of the original developers of Carolina Shores. He convinced my dad to move here from Akron, Ohio, with my […]

My husband and I have season tickets to Broadway musicals at DPAC (Durham Performing Arts Center). It’s our monthly date which gets us off the couch, away from the refrigerator, and forced to mingle with the outside world. When we were young, I’d have had trouble committing my husband to spend a night each month […]

The Gift of Love

By Jason and Dawn Cashatt

Bill and Carolyn Anderson were married 65 years ago when she was just 16 years old, and he was 19. They met in school together in Latta, South Carolina. Five daughters, seven grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren later, Bill and Carolyn are still as much in love as ever. “He’s still my honey after 65 years,” […]

My Afternoon, by Sally Rosenbaum Sally Rosenbaum is a California impressionistic painter of original oil paintings and lives in the Wine country of the Napa Valley. She celebrates the figures of women reading, ruminating and writing in her paintings as well as landscapes of the vineyards and valleys of the Napa and Sonoma area. She […]

When you think of consignment do the words “thrift store” come to mind? Do you have visions of outdated clothing, shoes and accessories? Well, those days are over, especially on the south end of the Grand Strand. From Murrells Inlet to Georgetown you will find a great selection of ‘‘upscale’’ consignment shops, specializing in new […]

Embracing Change

By Donna McCusker

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. John F. Kennedy When my ophthalmologist said I could go blind, my mind raced with potential outcomes. I was living in a condominium at the top of a hill in Wappingers Falls, New […]

My Sissy

By Lynn Ingram

It was late, I was tired, and I wanted nothing more than to drag my weary body up the stairs and burrow deep under the covers and sleep, sleep, sleep. But there was something in that voice on my answering machine that bespoke a need, an urgency to talk to me, something that pulled at […]

Time with a good book is one of life’s simple pleasures – and I know many of you feel the same. These days, most of the books I read are non-fiction that I pick up to learn more about a specific interest, and I always enjoy these reads. But, May starts the summer reading season, […]

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