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First Steps

“No!” a few friends quickly responded when I asked them their thoughts on growing out my gray hair. It is safe to say that they did not like the idea at first. But my independent, determined nature led me to continue talking about gray hair, and eventually my friends caught on that I made the […]

I’ve always loved boxing and kick boxing, and a few years ago I learned how much this type of movement can help Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s is a neurological disorder that affects about 1.5 million U.S. citizens. Nerve damage causes a drop in dopamine, resulting in tremors, slowness of movement, A flexed posture, postural instability and […]

Local therapists who work with our children every day know that a kid’s world today is very different from the one we parents and grandparents experienced. Bullying is much more extreme and technology is king. Here are a few suggestions from local professionals to help you better understand and navigate the often challenging landscape of […]

Author John Kenny found writing through the love of his wife, Mary Lou, and her remarkable (and very large) extended family that began with four Lebanese immigrants that came to this country in 1900. Born in New York City, John practiced law in Washington DC until moving to the area six years ago to care […]

Originally from the small South Carolina town, Lake City, Dr. Eric Heiden practiced dentistry for 54 years – the first 48 in Florence, and the last six in nearby Summerville. For most, thousands of happy patients would be enough, but Dr. Heiden is also Captain Heiden, a U.S. Coast Guard certified boat captain and fishing […]

Becky Ransome, like many local residents, moved to Pawleys Island from Ohio when her husband retired from Honda two years ago. But, retirement was not Becky’s plan. “I am ready for my next season,” she said laughing. “My husband’s work took him to Japan for a total of nine years,” Becky began. “The first time, […]

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