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Flowers & Forever

Not Fun and Games?

By Terri Elders

“A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.” Andre Maurois I’d just started junior high when some scowling soul first told me that marriage wasn’t all fun and games. I can’t remember who it was…it could have been Aunt Violet or my home economics teacher. Mostly I remember the tone of […]

Destination What?

By Erika Hoffman

“I’d like a destination wedding,” my daughter stated as I picked her up from the airport. I didn’t look over at her but kept my eyes fixed on the road instead. “Lots of my friends have them now.” I remained mute. I turned on the signal as we approached our neighborhood. “I’ve been to ones […]

Happy When I’m Hiking

By Sandra R. Nachlinger

“I’m happy when I’m hiking, pack upon my back.”(Old English hiking song) I sang those lyrics as a Girl Scout, but only recently did I really take them to heart. Last spring I picked up a brochure from the Auburn (Washington) Senior Activity Center and studied the list of hikes and walks scheduled for the […]

“Three glorious days in the great outdoors. A chance to commune with Mother Nature. The adventure of a lifetime.” That’s how my brother and his girlfriend described it when they enlisted me for a three-day canoe trip riding the whitewater of the Delaware River. With a promise like that, how could I say no? As the sun […]

My husband deliberately dresses shlumpy. As a veterinarian, he wears scrubs to work. Dressing up means putting on good jeans, and no outfit is complete without pet hairs. To me, saving animal lives is way higher on the manliness scale than his fashion profile. But there are times in life when you must dress up. […]

Blushing Wind, by Teli Duncan Born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, Teli Duncan has loved art as far back as she can remember. The artist attended Auburn University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Art, and now lives and works as a full-time painter in Charleston, South Carolina. Teli is a follower of Jesus, and is […]

Each year at the end of April, thousands of shaggers from all along the east coast come to North Myrtle Beach for the SOS Spring Safari. For ten days the biggest adult party on the East Coast features a wide variety of activities. Popular bands show up along Main Street playing crowd favorites, and shag […]

Traditionally Unique

By Leslie Moore

Your wedding reflects the two of you – and now more than ever, your choices can incorporate the beauty of your unique traditions. Brides traditionally carry a wedding bouquet, and some sources say the tradition of carrying a bouquet started in Ancient Rome where flowers were considered symbols of new beginnings, fidelity and fertility. But, […]

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