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Glittering Nights

My Best Mistake

By Diane Stark

It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” my seven-year-old son, Nathan, sang with a huge grin. I sighed. I love Christmas. I do. It’s wonderful and cozy and it brings families together. It’s a chance to show the people we love how we really feel about them. But it’s also busy, bordering on chaotic. […]

Banning Buts

By Erika Hoffman

Recently I had a house guest, a woman I’d not seen in 25 years: the wife of my husband’s friend from grad school. The couple was relocating. He’d gone ahead to take a new position; she was to drive up after their house had sold. Over the last couple of decades, I’d exchanged holiday cards […]

Treasures of the Heart

By Rose Ann Sinay

My flea market Sundays are dwindling, I thought as I forced myself out of bed to get an early start. I pulled a thick sweater over my head, and debated adding a hooded sweatshirt. I looked forward to my weekly visits to the land of discarded “stuff,” unique restorations and a trove of unexpected treasures. […]

The holiday season is upon us, which is the perfect excuse to stock up on books for your friends and family.Below are some suggestions that everyone is sure to love. For the historical fiction fan: A Bend in the Stars, by Rachel Barenbaum This is not a typical World War I book. Rachel Barenbaum weaves […]

Christmas always means a good time for me and my family. While I don’t do a lot of decorating, I do put up a tree – my tree from last year never came down! It’s in a den we don’t use a lot, and because I didn’t put it up until late in the season, […]

When I was seven years old, I thought the greatest gift I could ever receive was the Zorro hand puppet in the window of a local department store. Each time my mother and I passed that display I made it clear that my life depended on owning the tiny replica of the TV hero as […]

Earn Your Wings

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

Okay, I admit that my body has been through many transitions over the years, not to mention manufacturers have altered their sizes, and I will never be an online shopper. I have to try things on! Who out there in Sasee-land can say they ALWAYS wear the same size wherever they shop? My clothing sizes […]

It’s the holiday season! For many years I’ve spent the entire month of December running from one thing to another, trying to get it all in. By the time the Christmas paper is ripped off of all the gifts and the New Year has been welcomed, I’m completely exhausted. So last year, I decided to […]

At Christmastime when I was young, I could count on three things: Santa Claus, midnight Mass and a last-minute shopping trip with my father. One or two days before Christmas, Dad would ask me to go along with him to buy a gift for Mom. I’d never say no, although I often wished I could. […]

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