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How Big Should my Chandelier be? Above a dining table, choose a chandelier approximately half the width of your table. Taking into account the height of the entire body of the light including a reasonable length of chain, the bottom of your fixture should be 30 inches to 36 inches above your tabletop. When not […]

Up on Real Estate

By Shelyn Mosseri Lee

My three daughters, no matter what they are searching for, always start their search via the web, as do many of us. That being said, I must say that more and more, from $100,000 condos to $4 million dollar ocean front homes, the process of “shopping” for a home seems to start on the web […]

If you’ve been thinking it’s time to freshen things up in your home décor, adding some great new lamps can be an easy way to update your space. • Clear crystal is a look that will work in almost any room. With its clean lines and bold, chunky shapes this style adds a feeling of […]

Stylish Outdoor Living

By Jennifer Bell

We are so accustomed to bringing the outdoors in to our homes, but the trend continues in outdoor living to bring the indoors outside! Fabric, furniture and lighting options for outdoor living are more plentiful than ever! Almost anything you would put inside your home has been made into a version for outdoors as well. […]

Trends in interior design, like trends in fashion, come and go very rapidly, but furniture selections deserve much thought before purchase to avoid making costly mistakes that can turn your trendy new living room into yesterday’s look very quickly. First and foremost, have an idea of your budget, and purchase the best you can afford. […]

Choosing a shade for your window treatments is important for privacy and light control but your choice of window coverings is also a great way of having fashion and function at the same time. By working with a window coverings professional, they can help guide you in choosing a shade that satisfies your personal style. […]

Beef tenderloin is one of, if not, the most coveted cuts of beef. When your dinner guests hear that you’re making tenderloin, they know they are in for a treat. (They may even decide to wear a suit and tie as opposed to t-shirt and jeans LOL.) I suggest that the quality of beef should […]