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Jeffery Cohen

A year after my brother had transferred from a college in West Virginia to one in New Jersey, he began to miss his old classmates that he’d left behind. During his semester break, he decided to take a road trip back to his old school and invited me to come along. “A road trip? Where […]

Like Mark Twain said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.” I guess my earliest encounter with fashion and style was at the age of seven. My folks felt that it was time for me to own my first suit so we rode over to “The American Shops,” a local clothing store. […]

“Three glorious days in the great outdoors. A chance to commune with Mother Nature. The adventure of a lifetime.” That’s how my brother and his girlfriend described it when they enlisted me for a three-day canoe trip riding the whitewater of the Delaware River. With a promise like that, how could I say no? As the sun […]

When Fear Mushrooms

By Jeffery Cohen

Though my father was born in the city, he was a real farmer at heart. He would patiently wait out winter, anxiously anticipating spring. Once he was sure the last frost had past, he would pull out a shovel and start turning over the soil in his garden where he’d plant row after row of every […]

Ganging Up at the Movies

By Jeffery Cohen

I love the movies! I always have, ever since I was a kid. Watching those projected images on the big screen can take you to places you’ve never been, and introduce you to characters you only dream about. I learned about bravery from a thin little water-bearer from India, a wannabe soldier who proved to have the heart […]

Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays, no matter how far away you roam. I found myself singing the words of that song for weeks during the December of my freshmen year in college. Though I hadn’t really roamed very far, the forty five-minutes that separated me from my family as Christmas approached seemed endless. Sugar […]

At the sight of the first snowflakes floating down from gray skies, we began to pray for more. We went to bed with our fingers crossed as feathery white flakes coated the ground and trees. If we got lucky, there would be six inches on the ground by morning. At day’s first light, snow drifts […]

Playing . . . in Time

By Jeffery Cohen

I come from a musical family. Although none of us really played an instrument of any kind, my father claimed to be some kind of virtuoso on the violin, having supposedly taken lessons in his youth. And if anyone questioned it, he’d climb up to our dusty attic to retrieve a beat up old fiddle with one […]

The Magic of a New Car

By Jeffery Cohen

I was perfectly happy with the old Plymouth that I had been driving for more than twelve years. I would probably still be behind the wheel, had it not been for the cement truck that plowed into me, turning my car into something resembling an accordion. In the market for a new car, I headed down to […]


By Jeffery Cohen

I’ve been to all sorts of outdoor concerts – symphony orchestras playing show tunes beneath a gazebo by the sea, opera arias sung from band shells in a park, impromptu guitar and banjo duos twanging in a village square, but none of them could ever compare to a little concert I attended in 1968: The Woodstock Music […]

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