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Jeffery Cohen

As Father’s Day draws near, like so many, I think about my Dad. I remember him to be a man of honor, courage and heart – a kind, loving father – but I have to admit, I didn’t always see him that way. When I was a kid, I referred to my father as “my […]

A Friend to Remember

By Jeffery Cohen

Brenda and I were always best friends. Don’t ask me where we met. I really don’t recall, but it was probably in a library. A couple of bookworms like us were destined to squirm across each other’s paths eventually. Playing tag or hop scotch didn’t interest us. While other kids hung out at the local pizza parlor […]

One Man’s Treasure

By Jeffery Cohen

“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” It was a mantra that my father repeated regularly – usually as he was dragging a rolled up Oriental rug or a marble-topped coffee table to the trunk of his car from a pile of trash at the side of the road. And truer words were never spoken by a […]

Home, A Way from Home

By Jeffery Cohen

As the final diploma was handed out and commencement drew to a close, I found myself shaking hands with college friends I would probably never see again. We were all headed off in different directions, down untraveled roads, ready to begin a new life. The only problem was, my road was a one way street that led back […]

 “Happpppyyy New Year!” It isn’t just some sort of traditional holiday exclamation. It’s a declaration of hope – a chance to begin a fresh new year with a clean slate. Oh sure, there are fluted glasses of champagne, boxes of noisemakers, funny party hats. And through the storm of confetti and the downpour of streamers, after all of […]

Oh, Christmas Tree

By Jeffery Cohen

While we cleared the table of the Thanksgiving Day dishes, scores of small empty lots around town were being transformed into tiny makeshift pine forests. Strings of white bulbs stretched overhead mapping out their perimeters as lumber-jacketed men unloaded bundles of freshly cut Canadian and Frazier firs from trucks, then untied and lined them up in orderly […]

That Very First House

By Jeffery Cohen

That Very First House

In 1952, my folks happened to be out for a weekend drive and wandered into a brand new neighborhood of tract houses–lines of pastel colored, cookie cutter homes, one more adorable than the one next door. They decided, on a whim, to tour the model home. My mother fell in love. There was an automatic […]

An Anniversary Waltz

By Jeffery Cohen

Bill and Rosey lived next door to my grandmother on Freese Avenue in Pennsylvania. They lived without money, without friends, without things. All they had was each other. Bill was a hometown boy, only leaving for the year he spent in the army during World War II. The high school football star’s once statuesque physique […]

Giving Thanks, Then and Now

As a child, I would watch the last few gold and orange leaves fall from the trees. The cool days of November warned us of a coming winter. Instead of mourning the passing of the sweet warmth of summer, we turned our thoughts to fall. As we happily dived into waist-high mounds of raked up […]

Almost Playing the Trumpet

From the time I can remember, I was in love with the trumpet. I had seen Louis Armstrong on TV, listened to my mother play Harry James records on the Hi-Fi and had decided I, too, could play the trumpet…if I had one. How hard could it be? It only had three valves! It sure […]

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