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Jennifer Borchers

Sometimes women just want to have fun! We want to kick up our heels and sing a country western song, or play matchmaker with our single friends. Like all the rest of us whimsical ladies, Lindsey Briggs and Emma Woodhouse are just looking for a little fun. The Road to Eden’s Ridge by M.L. Rose […]

Women love the idea of a makeover. We can always find something wrong with either our bodies or our lives. Addy Lipton and Edna Pontellier decide that their lives need total makeovers and each woman disrupts the social order of an entire town to get one. Searching for Paradise in Parker, PA by Kris Radish […]

Women have always survived hard times with courage and conviction. Two characters, from two significant periods in history, demonstrate a type of courage that only women can understand. Trudy Hulst and Ma Joad endure perilous journeys, police aggression and the loss of loved-ones in order to keep their families together. Trudy’s Promise by Marcia Preston […]

Sex is scandalous. At least it was for two early American women. In the two novels I’m recommending this month, Roberta Jewett and Hester Prynne face red-hot rejection when they are deemed immoral. That Camden Summer by LaVyrle Spencer That Camden Summer, by LaVyrle Spencer, is a love story set in 1916. Roberta Jewett is […]

The setting of a novel is just as important as the characters or the plot. In the novels I’m recommending this month, exquisite locations intensify the drama. Caretta Rutledge and Catherine Earnshaw discover that their emotions are tied to the rhythms of the landscapes that surround them. The Beach House by Mary Alice Monroe The […]

Luck has a way of affecting our attitudes. The thing is luck’s true nature is to change. The simple truth in those words brought peace to Anicius Boethius over a thousand years ago and to Harold Kushner in the 20th century. When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold S. Kushner When Bad Things […]

Stress has a funny way of making sane people do insane things. John Sutter and Miles Roby want to do the right thing, but they become overwhelmed by the stress in their lives and end up making terrible decisions. Gold Coast by Nelson DeMille Gold Coast is a fabulous novel written by the very popular […]

Many of you began 2008 with resolutions. While you think about a new you in this new year, consider forgiving someone. As Miles and Quoyle will show you, starting over begins with forgiveness. In the two novels I’ve selected for this issue, Miles must find a way to forgive the man who killed his wife, […]

Is there a wrong time to fall in love? Mike Noonan and Frederick Henry would certainly say there is. Both Mike and Frederick fall in love while their lives are in turmoil, and the women they love pay the price. Bag of Bones by Stephen King Bag of Bones is a captivating mystery written by […]

Jennifer’s Sasee Book Club

By Jennifer Borchers

If you’ve ever considered starting a book club, call your girlfriends and form one today! Sasee is introducing a book club specifically for the women who read this magazine. Whether you like the humor and romance of paperbacks or the language and structure of literary novels, I have a book for you! Each month I’ll […]