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Kim Mallin

It was a warm sunny Friday afternoon, one of those perfect fall days that we get here in the Carolinas. The kind of day convertibles were made for. With the top down on my Miata, my friend TeTe and I were enjoying the fresh air, enthusiastically singing along with the Dixie Chicks. It felt great […]

I swore I wasn’t ever going to invite my sister to another one of my weddings. After all, she was the only common factor in all of my weddings. Okay, maybe not the only thing, but most everything else was different. Different months…different nationalities…different zodiac signs…As far as I was concerned, the failure of my […]

Brenda’s Voice

By Kim Mallin

I swore that the next time I found damp smelly clothes, left in the washer for way too many days; I was going to kill him. When I noticed one of my favorite photos lying on the table without its frame – and finding that frame downstairs in his room, sporting a picture of his […]