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Kim Seeley

Spring Resolutions

By Kim Seeley

By the middle of January, many of the best-intentioned New Year’s resolutions have bitten the dust. It is too cold to run in the morning, too dark in the afternoon, the couch is much more inviting than the tread mill, and homemade macaroni and cheese is more comforting than a grilled chicken salad when the […]

The Cookie Tosser

By Kim Seeley

“Ouch!” yelled Iris. “What was that?” asked Amanda. “I’m not sure,” said Meredith. The three girls scoured the pavement for evidence of the material that had pelted them as they returned from their walk on the beach. There was no question; they had been assaulted by chocolate chip cookies. “Sorry!” boomed a chorus of voices […]

Seeking Exuberance

By Kim Seeley

I was perusing a magazine, while at a beach cottage last spring, when I first saw it. It seemed so simple, yet it drew me in, it spoke to me. It was a full page photograph of three white-haired ladies splashing in the surf. The photographer’s expertise was impressive, capturing the spray of the water, […]

Despite All Signs

By Kim Seeley

There is a well-known comedian whose signature line is, “Here’s Your Sign!” When my husband of 32 years and I started dating, there were many signs that should have warned me what lay ahead. I was given many hints during our rather short courtship (less than one year) about the true nature of the man, […]


By Kim Seeley

During my younger daughter’s freshman year at East Carolina University, she spent a magical, thought-provoking, life-changing weekend at a religious retreat called Chrysalis. She was already an active young Christian who devoted most of her free time at ECU to the Wesley Foundation, touring eastern North Carolina with the Wesley Singers. She had been brought […]

Frosted Windowpanes

By Kim Seeley

I cried when my baby brother was born. There was nothing wrong with him or my mama, but when my grandma told me my youngest sibling was a boy, I burst into tears. I knew my mother and father would be happy because they had been hoping for a boy, but I was decimated. I […]

My church has always co-sponsored a community Thanksgiving Eve service with the local Baptist church. For many years, I sang in the choir during the services when my church was the host, and I had simply thought of the service as part of the holiday routine. We sang the traditional hymns, “We Gather Together,” and […]

“That’s Kim, all right. She’s got plenty of book sense, but she doesn’t have a lick of common sense.” “Where’s Kim? She’s probably got her nose stuck in a book!” These and other similar comments are a strong thread in the fabric of my childhood memories. My father dropped out of school in fifth grade, […]

My husband and I have different concepts of home. To my husband, home will always be the family farmhouse, two-storied, white-framed, sitting on a hill surrounded by acres of cotton, corn, soybeans or peanuts. Wild turkeys strut across the field; deer nibble on soybeans near the edge of the woods. Outbuildings are scattered behind the […]

I can no longer see the man’s face clearly, but I can still see my father’s. I hear my father talking softly to the man on the ledge, “Take it easy. Easy now. You don’t want to do this. Let me help you.” He eases up to the man, almost has his hands on his […]

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