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Leslie Moore

I love everything about summer, and when everyone around me is complaining about the heat, I’m reveling in it. And, to me, nothing says summer like a thunder storm rolling through after a hot, sultry day, encouraging everyone to stop and enjoy nature’s show while basking in the sudden drop in temperature. As much as […]

You can start with nothing. And out of nothing, and out of no way, a way will be made.  -Michael Beckwith The Sasee crew recently enjoyed a fun day on a little known part of the Waccamaw River, and was left in awe of the beauty found just seven miles from North Myrtle Beach. Located […]

Hair is important to women – a change in cut or color is nearly always preceded by much thought and conversation with our closest friends. I’ve participated in many of these conversations and have seen my friends get spectacular results. And while I do want my hair to look nice, I’ve never felt quite as […]

Mary Emily Platt Jackson, matriarch of the family that started The Jackson Companies, was known and loved by everyone who knew her. The company started by Mrs. Jackson and her husband, Nelson Jackson, now includes Ocean Lakes Family Campground, Prestwick Golf & Country Club, Ocean Lakes Properties, Ocean Lakes Golf Cars, Ocean Lakes RV Center, […]

Time with a good book is one of life’s simple pleasures – and I know many of you feel the same. These days, most of the books I read are non-fiction that I pick up to learn more about a specific interest, and I always enjoy these reads. But, May starts the summer reading season, […]

One of my greatest joys is to lose myself for a few hours in a world created by one of my favorite writers – and one of those writers is the lovely Karen White. I spent a very pleasant half hour talking with Karen who graciously agreed to share a little about her writing with […]

Every spring the wild violets are the first to bloom in my yard. Their delicate, purple flowers and heart shaped leaves spring up in pots and in the grass – usually I would only give them a passing nod, but this year I have a new appreciation for the determination of these tiny blooms. They […]

Each year at the end of April, thousands of shaggers from all along the east coast come to North Myrtle Beach for the SOS Spring Safari. For ten days the biggest adult party on the East Coast features a wide variety of activities. Popular bands show up along Main Street playing crowd favorites, and shag […]

Traditionally Unique

By Leslie Moore

Your wedding reflects the two of you – and now more than ever, your choices can incorporate the beauty of your unique traditions. Brides traditionally carry a wedding bouquet, and some sources say the tradition of carrying a bouquet started in Ancient Rome where flowers were considered symbols of new beginnings, fidelity and fertility. But, […]

I’ve been very fortunate to always have access to delicious food. Our restaurants are amazing, and I also enjoy cooking – a simple, well prepared meal gives me as much pleasure as an elaborate feast. But even the most amazing gourmet meal at one of our local eateries can’t compare with the Sunday and holiday […]

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