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Leslie Moore

One of the joys of summer, for me, is being on the beach more.  While I do go when the weather is cooler, the summer is always more fun. Almost every morning I leave my house and head down to get some exercise and enjoy the peace and beauty of the ocean.  This morning I […]

Hilda is the mother of one of my oldest friends. She’s 93 and lives with Kathy and her family – and she has Alzheimer’s. When I was in my early 20s, Hilda was a petite, pretty, well-dressed woman with the sweetest smile that effectively disguised the no nonsense strength underneath.  Honestly, I was a little […]

If you’ve watched Not the News or Carolina AM on WFXB FoxTV, you’ve seen the bubbly and adorable Abbi Neal, co-host of both shows with Greg Rowles. Behind the scenes, Abbi is just as friendly and fun, and her strong faith inspires her to give back to her community, spreading joy and love to all […]

“Service has always been important to me,” began David Kaiser. “And I always wanted to fly for the military. My father and uncles fought in WWII, so I grew up hearing all their stories. They all came back safely, and my home was always very patriotic.” After not making the best grades in high school, […]

While I was doing a big cleanup in my front yard last weekend, I realized that my little patch of ground has changed. For all the years I’ve lived there, it’s been very shady with only a few hours of morning sun to keep the hydrangeas and impatiens happy. I never got to plant zinnias […]

Letter From the Editor

By Leslie Moore

Those of you who have been reading Sasee for a few years know how much I love my mother-in-law, Faye.  All of her sons and daughters in law feel the same way; Faye has a way of making everyone who knows her feel special. A few Sundays ago, I drove to Summerville for a visit […]

Letter From the Editor

By Leslie Moore

I love home, always have. There really is no place I would rather be most of the time. Just saying the word brings me peace. The phrase, “introverted extrovert” describes me perfectly – one who loves people and enjoys company, but needs a lot of alone time to thrive.  Sitting on my screened porch in […]

Letter from the Editor

By Leslie Moore

After years of daily running, several minor, yet painful, injuries slowed me down. And then, a minor car accident last spring ground me completely to a halt. Except for my weekly yoga class and the occasional beach walk, I wasn’t exercising at all. And I could tell. Everything hurt. My energy level dropped along with […]

Going to the Barre studio, gym or yoga studio is more than good for you – it is FUN and so educational. But, for the time in between classes, fitness apps are a good choice. There are also apps that help you eat healthier without spending hours each week on meal planning. Sasee staff share […]

Winter Play and Parties

By Leslie Moore

Our community is blessed with beautiful weather almost year round, but January and February can be tough on kids who are used to running outside every day. Also, winter birthdays can be harder – you know what I mean if you have children with winter birthdays – the water park is not available in January […]

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