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Leslie Moore

I met Jess Sagun, director of Abiding Village, at their storefront gallery/studio, located in the old Waccamaw Outlet Mall off Highway 501. As she showed me around the beautiful facility, telling me the details of what she does and why, I was immediately glad that our community has someone like Jess, and a ministry like […]

Meet Susan Tyler

By Leslie Moore

For the past 32 years, Susan Tyler has operated Ruby’s Beauty Shop; a small salon attached to her family home in Pawleys Island, started by her mother, Ruby, in 1961. Most of the time, Susan lives alone. Her only daughter is married and lives in the Columbia area with her husband and two children. But, […]

Meet Alice Titley

By Leslie Moore

Ten years ago, Alice Titley moved to Myrtle Beach for a life of service to others. As a Chaplin and missionary, she is supported by friends and Victorious Christian Living, International. A retired educator, Alice moved here from California where she first taught public school and then in private Christian Montessori schools. Alice met me […]

I have too many houseplants. They are so much fun, and never look as big, or as numerous, in their summer, outside home under my live oak tree in the back yard. I never realize my lack of good judgment until I actually bring them in my tiny little house. Right now, you have to […]

I received this link in an e-mail recently, You enter your income, and it tells you where you rank, richest to poorest, in the world’s population. I was shocked to find out I am in the top three percent! And, I am definitely not wealthy by any of the standards I’ve used to measure […]

Meet Nancy Jarrett

By Leslie Moore

Nancy Jarrett loves order – in her work as the C.P.A. for Waccamaw Community Foundation, and at home where any nice day may find her outside on her riding lawn mower or edging her immaculate lawn – but not before she makes her bed and balances her checkbook to the penny! Warm and attractive, Nancy […]

Nearly all of the Sasee women I know love to dress up in a truly beautiful, flattering outfit, with just the right accessories, including, of course, the perfect pair of shoes, and go out for a special evening of celebration. It’s one of our favorite things about the holidays. Then, after New Year’s Eve, it’s […]

Good manners are something most of us are taught as small children to help us navigate not just social situations, but day-to-day living. Even today, I can hear my mother’s voice telling me not to gossip or speak negatively of others – not that I’ve always heeded her advice. Recently, my friend Daphne told me […]

Several years ago I was out to dinner with a group of my girlfriends. We were all dressed in our cute summer clothes, and, all of a sudden, I noticed something that every single one of them had that I didn’t – cleavage! Flat as a pancake my entire life, that night started me thinking […]

I grew up (like many of you, I’m sure) taking piano lessons every week and practicing nearly every day, not so much because I wanted to, but because my mother made it a priority. I banged my way through Bach, Beethoven and Chopin, perfecting that one special piece for the annual recital. I don’t play […]

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