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Leslie Moore

Throughout my life I have had strong, confident women around me – my mother, whose unconditional love I could always count on, my kind and gentle mother-in-law, Faye, whose faith both inspires and humbles me, my friends Marcia and Gail, who walked with me through my dark valley of despair after my husband died, (Gail […]

The Things We Crave

By Leslie Moore

There are certain pleasures in life that we, as women, know are special – a piece of delicious chocolate, a glass of good wine and, of course, who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes! To celebrate our Cravings issue, we are pleased to introduce you to three local women who bring us some of […]

Lately I’ve found that gratitude is a very powerful way to improve my life. Upon the suggestion of a friend I started keeping a gratitude journal, and every day I write at least five things that I’m grateful for. At first, it was really hard to do, but gradually I’ve come to look forward to […]

I love Halloween. It’s such a great excuse to dress up in some outlandish outfit and eat a lot of chocolate. When my children were small, I would dress up with them for a night of trick-or-treating. Most of the time I was the only mom parading through the neighborhood in costume, but I never […]

Over the past few years, it appears that the pursuit of happiness and finding joy in life has become more important to many of us. Walk into any bookstore and several books on how to bring more happiness or joy or peace into your life will be prominently displayed. You can take classes on finding […]

Last month I interviewed Vernie Dove, a man who loves to read Sasee. Since then, I’ve heard from quite a few male readers and have enjoyed their comments. But, once in awhile I receive a very special letter. One of those was a note from Bob Akanewich. He wrote to thank us for the theme […]

As the editor of Sasee, I have had the opportunity to interview quite a few fascinating women (and a couple of men). They have allowed me to tell their stories and opened up the doors of their lives to all of our readers. Some of their stories have been extremely painful, but not one of […]

We live in a time of great freedom for all people. Men and women of all races and religions can compete for the same jobs, go the same schools, live in the same neighborhoods and reach for their dreams. It has not always been this way. Someone had to be the first to break down […]

My husband and I have started kayaking in the creeks near Black River. We both love being near and in the water, but this has been a new experience for me, as I have always spent much more time around the ocean and salt marshes. We launch the kayaks into a swamp filled with towering […]

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