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Leslie Moore

I was raised by “green” parents. Of course, they didn’t know they were environmentally conscious, and I’m positive they never gave a thought to saving the planet. They were just doing what came naturally to them and living life the best they knew how. If something broke around the house, my father fixed it. If […]

I share my home with four wild and crazy little dogs, and a lot of what I’ve learned about attitude came from them. All of them are mine because someone else did not want them. Hermione, a mutt, was abandoned along Hwy. 17 when she was little more than a puppy, and the other three […]

It is hard to stay stressed out this time of year. For me, the mild temperatures and profusion of blooming plants provide the perfect antidote for any stress. I have also found that organizing my surroundings brings peace to my life. I know that many of you can relate to the calm that accompanies a […]

Our “Forgiveness” issue of Sasee inspired many writers from around the country, and even the world, to submit essays describing an experience they’ve had with forgiving, or being forgiven. All of them were good; many were excellent and required a second reading before I could move on. The theme running through all of them, even […]

The word “heart” is used to express nearly all aspects of the human experience. Think about the phrase, “didn’t have the heart,” used to convey a lack of courage, but then consider that “take heart” means to gain courage. You “set your heart” on what you want, and “cross your heart” to express sincerity, but […]

If you’re anything like me, when you hear the name Gold’s Gym you immediately think about big sweaty guys pumping iron, with no place for the average person trying to stay fit and healthy. Guess what? We’re all wrong. Walk into the Gold’s Gym in Myrtle Beach, and you will likely see owner Nancy Capp […]

January is a month of optimism; a fresh start. While many of my friends and colleagues use electronic date books and calendars, I still love my old-fashioned paper one. It feels so good to open that new, blank calendar and imagine all of the possibilities waiting in those yet-to-be-used pages. As I go through and […]

Can you believe that another year is nearly over? I love the holidays, even when I’m tired from shopping and staying out too late enjoying friends and family. Still, I know that I am blessed with good health, lots of love in my life and the promise of a bright tomorrow. One of the things […]

In this issue, our writers and staff have penned, photographed and chronicled many things that call forth memories. But, for me, it has always been music. Put Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in the CD player, and I am instantly transported back to my years of piano lessons and learning to love classical music. That’s a good […]

I have struggled with self-confidence issues off and on for most of my life, as have the majority of the women I know. I’ve asked for, and received, a ton of advice, most of it good, but the one thing that has helped me the most is remarkably simple. I shift the focus from how […]

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