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Linda O’Connell

Reflections of Me

By Linda O'Connell

Through my teen years, I had no idea who that plain girl was looking back at me in my hand-held mirror. She had occasional blemishes, straight hair so thick a clamp couldn’t hold it and about an ounce and a half of self-confidence. Throughout my twenties, the gal in my oval dresser mirror wore sensible […]

I am not a meddler, but now that I am an expectant grandmother I am about to give unsolicited advice to my daughter-in-law. I believe that I can talk the talk because I walked the walk with the father-to-be. The new parents haven’t an inkling as to how dramatically their lives will change after the […]

Not the Gal He Married

By Linda O'Connell

Much like the first year of marriage, the first year of retirement can be stressful as partners adjust to their new arrangement. Add a menopausal woman and a broken thermostat (mine, not the furnace’s) to the equation and life can be a blast. My husband is now aware that I’m not the gal he married. […]

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