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Lipstick Life

The Takeaway Message

By Erika Hoffman

I’d been asked to teach men at a homeless shelter how to compose a story. I pen inspirational, true tales like those in The Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies. So, I showed up, told the gatekeeper I was here to see the chaplain, and parked in front of the shelter where men moseyed about. […]

Advice for a Mermaid

By Joan Leotta

It was to be my first vacation experience without my parents – two weeks at the Atlantic Ocean with my Grandmother. I was ten years old and in spite of trying to learn to swim at Lake Erie when on vacation with my parents, I was still just a wader when it came to water. […]

On a recent rainy weekend morning, my friend Janine sent me a text message: “Hey, girl, whatcha up to?” “Nothing, just doing some laundry. You?” I replied. “Having coffee. Seriously considering putting on a bra,” Janine said. And there it is: the bra conundrum, a seemingly quick and innocent daily decision; but don’t be fooled […]

A Clean Sweep

By Jeffery Cohen

When I was a young man and beginning to go out, my mother would have one question for me when I returned home from a date with a new girl. It was not, “Did you have a good time?” or “Where did you go?” or “What did you do?” My mother was only concerned about […]

My Mother’s Lipsticks

By Kim Delmar Cory

It’s been nine years since I lost my mother yet here they remain. My mother’s two lipstick tubes. Vestiges from her array of lipstick tubes lined up like tiny tin soldiers on her vanity years ago. Two faded gold lipstick tubes rest on the ledge of my bathroom counter. I move them when I clean. […]

Choosing a lunch date outfit is fun and exciting! Whether I’m grabbing eats from a local food truck and taking a walk or sitting down somewhere nice and fancy, it’s important to be dressed appropriately. The Movie Date Matinee movies are great for a lunch date because the tickets are usually cheaper and the theaters […]

Heir to Facial Hair

By Melissa Face

I remember filling out beauty inventories from Glamour Magazine as a teenager. “What beauty product would you want with you on a deserted island?” was a frequent survey question. Back then, I probably answered lip gloss or face powder. Today, however, only weeks away from turning 40, my answer would be very different. In fact, […]

I’ve been a freelance writer for the past 12 years. I love my job and the editors I’m currently working for. But I’m also always looking for new magazines to write for too. Because I’m the mom in a blended family, I’m always trying to use that experience to help other women in the same […]

For years, housework has been my go-to remedy for most any kind of stress. Not the day-to-day cleaning that we all do automatically, but the tasks that involve real effort, like closets and windows. Recently I noticed that it was time to deep clean everything. But for some reason, using housework as stress relief wasn’t […]

The Vanishing Man, by Charles Finch (Charles Lennox #0.5) Charles Lennox is trying his hand at being a detective. Not for money, but for the delight in using his talents to help others. However, when the Duke of Dorset calls upon him, he wonders if he has chosen the right trade. Lennox knows that London […]

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