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Lynn Ingram

It is an ordinary Tuesday in September, a pretty day, just before the calendar flips over to fall. I am at the grocery store, Food Lion, to be specific, having come for an ordinary mid-week shopping trip, just to pick up a few things. Well, that’s not exactly correct, the “ordinary” part. This shopping trip, […]

It turns out that singing the multi-syllabic “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” without missing a beat may not have been Mary Poppins’s most impressive talent. And while analyzing Ms. Poppins’s abilities, not to mention emulating them, has never been at the top of my to-do list (or even on my to-do list, for that matter), I have lately had […]

I know they’re convenient and reusable and some of them look pretty real. Some of them even smell real. Nevertheless, I am philosophically opposed to artificial Christmas trees. If God had intended us to have aluminum and plastic trees, He’d have planted them. When it comes to Christmas decorations, I want real things. Real glossy […]

My new roommate has reddish-blond curly hair, and she moved in last Sunday. This is a rather unexpected development, as I hadn’t really planned on sharing my living quarters. I tend to enjoy peace and quiet at home and not having to attend to some other soul. However, she came with the promise of being […]

Life Could Be Purr-fect if Only I Could Meow

Dear God, I realize that this request may be a bit unusual. I mean, here I am, still in the midst of my first shot at this life thing, and I’m already thinking about how I’d like to spend my second go-round on this Earth. I’d very much like to come back next time as […]

Full Moon Fashion Maven

Last night I looked up at the full moons and thought how beautiful they were, perfect silver globes just shimmering up there, overlapping each other’s heavenly brilliance. Wait a minute. Moons? Plural? Okay, it was Saturday night – but no, I had not been partaking of the fruit of the vine. Still, I did see […]

The Tree of Hearts

By Lynn Ingram

The Tree of Hearts

I don’t remember when I first noticed the cedar tree. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that I really never actually did notice it. It was just always there, a giant silent sentinel standing by the front porch of the house where I grew up. It wasn’t even the largest tree in the […]

Living Through Ditziness

Todd says that when I die, he’s gonna have my obituary include a line that says “Pack a lunch” for those who plan to attend my funeral. He plans to headline the event by telling stories about me. Given that he’s the husband of my friend Sandy, who I have known more than half my […]

There is a sign hanging at eye level at my front door that reads; “A clean house is a sign of a misspent life.” When I die, I may be accused of having done a lot of things, but misspending my life will not be one of them. It’s not that I have anything against […]

White hot. Scalding. Searing sharp poker red, blazing and blinding and burning. All that and more, and still I don’t quite capture the color of that night. Words won’t accurately speak the intensity of my anger. Or my pain. I had gone to spend the night with my mother after she’d come home from surgery. […]

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