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Making Memories

The holiday season is upon us. Now’s the perfect time to gather loved ones and share our gratitude. ‘Tis the season to have hope and believe in a bit of magic; to celebrate traditions and make new ones. Holiday books were a big tradition in my house. I still have the tiny little pop-up Thanksgiving […]

Picture Perfect Tradition

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

So how many photo albums do you have stuffed in closets, under beds, in your attic? I have some that belonged to my dad when he was in the service, some that belonged to my mom from when I was a baby, and then I have over forty that belong to me! I’m actually embarrassed […]

M ost of us love old things – they reinforce our connection with the past, carrying treasured memories through generations of users. The hutch that belonged to your grandmother, a set of china inherited from your great-aunt, any number of “things” that are so much more than just objects. Steve Rothrock, an antiques dealer with […]

“Nathan, why haven’t you worn your new Star Wars shirt yet?” I asked. My nine-year-old son came into his room where I was filling his clothes organizer with outfits to wear to school in the days ahead. But for the last three weeks, the same outfit had remained in the organizer. I didn’t understand why. […]

In this issue, we discover that wonderful moments create magical memories and 2018 has been a wonderful year for several of our South Carolina authors. Nathalie Dupree, Valerie Sayers, John Blake White, and Mary Alice Monroe were all inducted into the South Carolina Literary Hall of Fame. While Aida Rogers won a Silver IPPY Award, […]

Along with a whale, a truck and a lion. Our bathroom has been transformed from a room for performing perfunctory daily ablutions to a playground for wayward plastic and rubber critters. My morning trek through the land mine of a living room, boasting scattered building blocks in the semi-dark before coffee, often results in a […]

Centering – a New Option for Mothers-to-Be by Sonya Harden, CNM Centering is an alternative way to receive your prenatal care done in a group setting. The Centering group is your prenatal visit – when you come for your Centering visit, you are seen by the doctor or midwife running the group in a private […]

Avoid the Christmas Monster by Mark Brown Here we go again. Jack-o-lantern recently tossed in garbage. Discussions about Thanksgiving; that gravy boat needs replacing, or was it the turkey platter? You feel it? Recognize that small twitch in your left eye? Tightening in the pit of your stomach? Yep. It’s coming. The stores had the displays […]

Turkey for Two

By Mary Ellen McGinty Collins

With Thanksgiving just two weeks away, I decided to explain sympathy invitations to my newly divorced colleague, John. I was single with a salary that didn’t support frequent trips from Boston to see my family in Pennsylvania, so I often received offers to join friends for special occasions. I assumed they felt sorry for me […]

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