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Marsha Tennant

As summer approaches and the southern summer furnace kicks up the heat above 100 degrees, I have decided to “GO GREEN.” Actually I am going GRAY. After more years than I care to recall, the monthly trips to “get my roots done” are over! Why didn’t I do this sooner? Oh, the money I will […]

I am sitting in a metal chair beside my dad and mom. The congregation is singing “Just as I am.” I keep asking my parents if I can go down front and give my life to Jesus. Billy Graham’s booming North Carolina voice is calling, and I am trying to get down front because I […]

This memory for the author is so vivid that years later he is able to evoke every detail that embraced his senses and soul. He takes the reader by the hand into the small and simple kitchen of his eccentric cousin, Sook. Buddy was seven and Sook sixty-something, but their hearts and minds were on […]

Swimming Lessons

By Marsha Tennant

My daddy taught me to swim in the ocean at Va. Beach, Virginia. That lesson has lasted a lifetime and been tested many times over the years. Swimming is much like life. Practice makes perfect but sometimes the waves of life come crashing in and over us, upsetting the natural rhythm of daily living. I […]

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