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Ordinary Beauty

Relocating to our beautiful coastal community is exciting and fun–and how you decorate your new home is important. A professional designer will use the five elements of design – space, light, color, texture and pattern – to achieve balance, harmony, proportion and scale. First, evaluate your living quarters. You may want to get rid of […]

Yodel Little Lady Who?

By Linda O’Connell

When I was six and Dad was six foot two, he jingled his pocket change to a tune in his own head, played the guitar by ear, his life by a hunch. He wasted time and every dime, sipped scalding coffee from a saucer and warbled songs about his little girl. He reared his head, raised his […]

Kissing Frogs

By Michelle Paris

About a year after being widowed, my friends encouraged me to enter the terrifying and intimidating world of online dating. “You’re so young and such a great catch,” they’d say. At forty, it was true I was looking at half a lifetime ahead of me. “If I were single, I would do it,” my married […]

Travel in Style

By Alicia Hart, Beth Hart and Lindsay Kirby

Vacations are fun and exciting, and everyone wants to look their very best. I am often asked how to accomplish this and the key is to pack well! We all know the stress that comes along with packing: Did I pack enough? Did I pack too much? Packing doesn’t have to be such a burden […]

I needed Blue Coral Wash and Wax. Walmart carries it. It was late. I asked my husband to accompany me because folks who could be type-cast in Night of the Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, or Orange is the New Black stalk the aisles of this cavernous building. So, we drove, parked, and entered the gaping […]

Discontinued . . .

By Lisa Nelson

For a woman, it can take a lifetime to find that go-to lipstick. The one that makes her feel as though she can face any job interview, hot date or blistering break-up. The one that transforms her from ordinary to extraordinary with one creamy swipe across her lips. I found mine the summer after my […]

Finding Your Perfect Home

By Monica Spence Vogel

Like so many beachcombers these days…retired, recently relocated and “living the dream,” you find yourself with the design dilemma of combining coastal living with your personal style. Most of us have dreamt about finding our own little slice of heaven, imagining everything from the perfect view to the picket fence. However, for many, this transition […]

As Father’s Day draws near, like so many, I think about my Dad. I remember him to be a man of honor, courage and heart – a kind, loving father – but I have to admit, I didn’t always see him that way. When I was a kid, I referred to my father as “my […]

Dad, Chicken and Sparklers

By Susan Sundwall

Few things excited Dad more than an upcoming celebration. He had a great imagination and a sense of fun that permeated the air around us for weeks. Even for lesser celebrations he would enthuse. I learned how to pronounce Punxsutawney from Dad. Groundhog’s Day deserved at least that. He also delighted in reading candy hearts […]

Finding Your Great Hairstyle

By Jacqueline Sarno

I’m often asked, “How can I achieve a great hairstyle? I keep getting the wrong look. ”One trick to finding where you belong in the world of hair coloring, highlights or a cut is to look toward someone famous with whom you can visually identify. The Hollywood celebrities are working with the best hair colorists […]

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