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Perry P. Perkins

A Second Hand Christmas

By Perry P. Perkins

In the winter of 1975, my parents divorced. My mother had a chronic heart condition that made it impossible for her to work and the two of us couldn’t quite make ends meet that first year on our own. In previous years, Christmas had been a grand event in our home. Money had always been […]

When I was a boy, my mother had a small plaque that hung in the kitchen of our tiny apartment. It read: A house is made of brick and stone, but a home is made of love alone. My wife and I had planned on being the typical American couple. We’d get married; work for […]

I sometimes watch my co-workers as they search desperately for friendship and have to shake my head. Hitting singles bars, parties, even church groups, desperate to find someone…anyone to keep them from being alone. It makes me sad to think that many of them don’t realize that there is an almost entirely forgotten generation, most […]