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Phil La Borie

Notes For Newcomers: The Art of Making Art Accessible

If you’re anything like me, the idea of exploring an art museum can be somewhat intimidating. First of all, there’s usually an admission fee. Once you pay it, you’ve invested in the process, so you want to get something worthwhile out of it. Right? Fair enough. However, there’s all that artwork hanging about to look […]

Notes for Newcomers: The Magic of Sea Shells

I think there’s something very magical and mysterious about sea shells. How did they come to be? How old are they? Where did they come from and how long did it take them to arrive here on the Grand Strand beaches? They’re just so nifty; it’s almost as if they are gifts from King Neptune […]

Conversations at the End of the Road: The Green Monster

“What is that awful-looking stuff?” I asked my neighbor one bright spring morning. We were standing at the edge of our front yard, and I was pointing at a massive jungle of vines in the vacant lot next door.  My neighbor is quite the gardener and a very knowledgeable botanist. The numerous plantings along her […]

Notes for Newcomers: Birds of a Feather

I’ve always loved watching birds – especially here in South Carolina, where there seems to be an endless supply of all colors and kinds. There’s also something very remarkable about their flights of fancy; the way they swoop and soar so effortlessly. The long and short of it is that I get a real kick […]

Conversations at the End of the Road: Clayton and the Frozen Food Caper

Our street here in Murrells Inlet ends at The Great Salt Marsh. If you haven’t been a visitor to the Marsh, I strongly recommend it. It’s just amazing. I love the vast openness that stretches north and south for miles with the Grand Strand beaches in the distance. I often ride my bike to a […]

Notes for Newcomers: Gullah Culture & Customs

I grew up in Webster, New York, on the shore of Lake Ontario. Irondequoit Bay lay to the West and a centuries-old Seneca Indian trail (now paved over and predictably called Bay Road) was located about a 1/4 mile away from our house. The Trail ran south from the lake to what is now Victor, […]

Notes for Newcomers: Who are the Newcomers Anyway?

I’m always on the lookout for either the unusual or the unexpected – must be something genetic – my dad was an Industrial Engineer at Kodak and conducted time and motion studies for fifty years. I always thought of him as a sort of detective. He was always looking for new and more efficient ways […]

Notes for Newcomers

By Phil La Borie

Notes for Newcomers

In my latest “Notes” article, I introduced, perhaps more accurately “re-introduced” Sasee readers to women, (both past and present) in the Grand Strand area who have contributed so much to our local culture and history. Since space is somewhat limited for these articles, it was a difficult choice, believe me; to select just a few […]

Notes for Newcomers: Women Shaping the Grand Strand

As a longtime resident of Weston, Connecticut, I was accustomed to seeing movie and TV stars on a regular basis. It was not unusual to see Robert Redford riding his motorcycle or Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward grocery shopping. So when I moved here to the Grand Strand, I thought it might be interesting to […]

Newcomer’s Notebook

By Phil La Borie

Newcomer's Notebook

As a Connecticut Yankee now living in South Carolina, I must admit that I’m incredibly enthusiastic about the Grand Strand beaches – they are such an improvement over my beach options in the Northeast that I’ve entitled this piece: By the Sea, by the Beautiful See. So, for starters, what’s the problem with the beach […]

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