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  Ascension of Larks By Rachel Linden Maggie Henry is used to traveling to remote villages all around the world and documenting people’s daily lives. She learned the hard way that she can help change people’s lives by photographing their hardships. However, when Maggie receives word that her best friend’s husband, Marco, has passed unexpectedly, […]

  Beach House for Rent By Mary Alice Monroe Cara Rutledge is a survivor, just like her family’s historic beach house – and thanks to this house, Cara has fond memories from her childhood. When she decides to rent her place out for the summer, she is introduced to a young, shy artist, Heather Wyatt, who […]

  Before We Were Yours By Lisa Wingate Present day, in Aiken, South Carolina, Avery Stafford has returned home to reestablish her residency. Her father is a Senator and has recently been diagnosed with cancer; therefore Avery’s role is to help her family, while also silently preparing to take on a governmental career. Avery is […]