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The High Tide Club, by Mary Kay Andrews A group of carefree girls enjoying the summer are torn apart by life’s events. A woman, Josephine, on her deathbed wants to make amends and protect the sacred family land. A young woman, Brooke, who has heard of the stories and of the legend, but has never met […]

Beach House Reunion (#5 in the Beach House Series) by Mary Alice Monroe Cara Rutledge returns to her beach house in the Isle of Palms. Haunted by heartache and memories, she is determined to forge a positive path for the future. Linnea is plagued by family traditions and expectations, when she decides to escape it all […]

The Bullet by Mary Louise Kelly Caroline Cashion is a brilliant professor of French literature. She is 37 years old and loves her quiet lifestyle. When her wrist starts aching, she goes to the doctor for some routine testing and that is when her life turns upside down. The tests reveal she has a bullet […]

Spring is in the air, which means summer is just around the corner. These three books are a fun way to bring the love of reading and nature to life. Filled with activities for parents, grandparents and children, these books will become lifelong favorites. I hope the whole family enjoys reading them, as well as […]

Our Little Secret is about Angela trying to find her place in the world, as a teenager and an adult. She constantly feels out of sorts, except when HP is around. When HP is by her side, all is right. However, as time passes, HP falls in love with an Australian, and they start a […]

    Sloane’s world collapsed the second she learned her husband was missing in action in the Middle East. Now she has to try and raise her two sons, when all she wants to do is remember her husband’s smile and pray for his return. It is up to her sisters and her mom to […]

In April 1936, in Tupelo, Mississippi, a massive F5 tornado ripped through the town, killing more than 200 people. However, history records the suffering and loss of only one side of the population. During the aftermath, the African-American citizens affected by this horrific event were not included in the final numbers. Minrose Gwin grew up […]

Maya Angelou was an amazing wordsmith. Not only was she an incredible author and actress, she truly believed in equality and overcoming history. Over the past several decades, there have been numerous collections of her work. However, it wasn’t until 2015 that Maya Angelou: The Complete Poetry was published. This hardback book has ribbed pages […]

Sara Jenkins lives a lovely life in New Orleans. She owns a thriving antique shop, and her home is clutter-free. She prefers it when things in life are routine and normal… unlike her childhood. Growing up in The Hideaway with her eccentric grandmother allowed for numerous embarrassing moments. The Hideaway was once a beautiful, Victorian […]

Thanksgiving on Thursday by Mary Pope Osborne(Magic Tree House series #27) It is Thanksgiving Day, Annie and Jack’s family are head to their grandparent’s house. However, Annie gets a feeling they are supposed to go to the tree house. Their tree house has magical powers, it can send them anywhere in the world. Jack and […]

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