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Rose Ann Sinay

A Tribute to My Friend

By Rose Ann Sinay

My cell phone rang, but I ignored it. We were moving, and I had a room full of belongings to separate, pack or trash. Trying to distance emotional connections to “things” was hard for me. Somehow, I could attach a good memory or a special person with each of my possessions. I didn’t want to […]

Trees of Silver

By Rose Ann Sinay

I sit down to browse the mountain of Christmas catalogues that have piled up on the table waiting for my attention. I flip through the first one looking for decorating ideas or a special gift to give. I stop when I see a silver tree almost identical to the one my family had when I […]

A Rose by Any Other Name

By Rose Ann Sinay

My husband and I drove around killing time, waiting to swoop into our granddaughter’s new day care to pick her up. Our daughter and her family had just moved into their new home in Connecticut and wanted to transition Mila-Rose into the unfamiliar place, full of unfamiliar faces, for just an hour or two a […]

Just Like Bogie and Bacall

By Rose Ann Sinay

I get into my Camaro and practically fall into the seat it’s so low to the floor. I have to extend my body sideways, three quarters out of the vehicle to grab the long, heavy door to close it. I sit back for a moment to recover from the effort and turn the ignition key. […]

The Joke’s on you

By Rose Ann Sinay

Practical jokesters do not run in my family. Once in a blue moon, my serious, almost unapproachable father would suddenly become an excited kid planning an elaborate prank, anticipating a hilarious punch line. Because of his otherwise stern demeanor, my siblings and I were wary. We waited and watched and laughed only when we were […]

Passage to Anywhere

By Rose Ann Sinay

Our bucket list is a page long. It’s split into three columns: “his,” “hers,” and a space for a (happy?) compromise. The first item on my list is a trip to France – Paris – the heatbeat of the country. I want to see the Eiffel Tower. I want to walk under the great stone […]

Pretty Chameleons

By Rose Ann Sinay

When my mother was eight months pregnant, my father flew to Japan which was to be our new military assignment. My mother and I had to wait until the baby was born before we could join him. I figured I would miss about two weeks of the coming school year. I was happy about that […]

A Heart Beating Strong

By Rose Ann Sinay

The sky is gray and heavy with snow predicted to fall this afternoon in New York. This New England weather was the major factor in my husband’s and my decision to move to North Carolina for a shovel-less retirement. It is a balmy sixty-five degrees back home. But sitting on my daughter’s couch, feeding my […]

Waiting for the Miracle

By Rose Ann Sinay

I am a private person, though you might not know it if you’ve read any of my stories. My family has been both irritated and moved by my public recollections of our lives. Writing allows me to find joy in small moments as well as big ones, dissect and digest what I don’t understand, and […]

Well, we did it. My daughter, my son-in-law, my granddaughter, two dogs and a cat (and a couple of hopeful spiders looking for a warm spot) survived almost two and a half months together in the same house in an attempt to bring a bit of normal back to their lives that had been shaken […]

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