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Selina Kaing

The Scales of the Dragon: How I Knew My Father

My father has always been an intimidating figure in the vague recollections of my childhood. Because he worked the overnight shift in the donut shop my family ran, some of my earliest memories consisted of being constantly shushed and quietly tiptoeing around the sofa bed where he slept during the day, exhausted from hours of […]

En Garde: Lessons from the Fencing Strip

Google the word “fencing” and anything from Home Depot ads to garden installation will most likely pop up. So it’s easy to forgive someone for thinking that the only workout involved in fencing is the amount of force it takes to wield an auger to dig postholes. But look beyond the search results and you […]

From Khmer to Krispy Kreme: How a Donut Shop Brought My Family Together

Growing up, I never questioned my parents’ silence about their past or how our family came to America. I never asked them what it was like to work under the hot sun in the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge or to fear for their lives as they made the long, arduous trek through the […]