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Five Tips for Buying Art

By Ginny Lassiter

1. First and foremost, buy what you love. Your art should evoke an emotional response. Maybe it’s a memory of a special time or person. Choose colors that you’re drawn to. Ideally, the piece you love will be an original, but, that being said, if you are crazy about a piece, but the original is […]

Getting ready for your big day is not always easy. The pressure to be your most fit self is real, and no one wants to be remembered as the starving woman who made Bridezilla look like an angel. Women always ask me how to get in the best shape possible for their wedding, so I’m […]

How to Choose Your Engagement Ring

By Christopher Cervini

First and most importantly, find a jeweler you can trust. When you sit down in person with an expert gemologist, you can look at numerous diamonds that are outstanding on paper, but there will be one that speaks to you because of its visual beauty, not its technical aspects.  An expert will educate you on […]

My human mom, Nancy Schrum, asked me to share some advice on how “pawsitivly” perfect it is to have furbabies like me in your wedding.  My mom can’t imagine having such a special occasion without me in attendance! The first thing to do is get permission from your venue. Can you believe some places don’t […]

Selecting a venue is one of the most important decisions of a Bride and Groom’s wedding planning process. Once selected, keep in mind the following factors to truly personalize your venue and translate your wedding vision into reality. 1. Lighting Lighting can be the easiest, fastest and most effective way to completely change the mood […]

You said “yes,” and you have the ring. You are having the time of your life showing off your sparkly diamond and receiving congratulations from family and friends. But now you have to get down to business and find a site for your wedding day. Some of us have been dreaming about our wedding day […]