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Songs You Know by Heart

Loved and Lost

By Gina Benson

Six years have gone by since my mother-in-law left this earth. If you’re a long time Sasee reader you may remember her – she was featured in an August 2011 article entitled “Jean Benson – Beyond Hospice, a Modern Day Miracle,” written by Leslie Moore. If you’re new to Sasee I encourage you to read it, […]

Rush by Lisa Patton Miss Pearl has worked in the Alpha Delta Beta house for twenty-five years. She loves being a part of watching all the young girls become lifelong sisters. Despite her own painful memories, she looks forward to the incredible opportunity that she has just been offered. However, when a spoiled legacy prevents her […]

Happy Halloween! Growing up, I was always a fan of the cute and fun Halloween books. I never got into the gory stories. My favorite, of course, is the classic It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. In fact, still to this day, it isn’t officially Halloween until Charlie Brown makes an appearance. Below, I share […]

Mother-Son Dance

By Erika Hoffman

The first time I watched a child of mine before the altar say, “I do,” I wondered where all the time I was supposed to have with him, as my son and I as his mom, had gone. In my mind, the years, like pages of a calendar fluttering by in a gust of wind, […]

A Hero for Halloween

By Diane Stark

“What do you want to be for Halloween this year?” I asked my then four-year-old son, Nathan. “Captain America,” he replied without missing a beat. “Our last name is Stark though,” I said. “I think it would be really cool if you were Iron Man because his real name is Tony Stark.” “Nope. I’m dressing […]

Fun with Eyelashes

By Ginny Roufogalis

  Lash extensions are big! Until the past few years, lash extensions were mainly found in the larger cities – and were mostly used by celebrities. Now, you can get them here – and you don’t have to be a celebrity! It’s become nearly as common as getting your nails done. The main reason people […]

Wedding Dress 101

By Sally Herndon

Choosing a wedding dress can and should be fun – the most important thing is to trust your feelings and get what you love! That said, brides should start looking for a dress from eight to twelve months from their wedding day. When you find your perfect dress it has to be ordered from the […]

Choosing a Caterer

By Debra Guglielmi

Brides should start looking for a caterer from six months to a year before the big day, especially if the wedding is in prime months – May, June, September and October. When you meet with a caterer, the first thing you discuss is your budget. And any good caterer will do a tasting free of […]

As I write this, most of the Sasee crew is breathing a huge sigh of relief and getting back to normal after being out of work for nearly a week while waiting on Hurricane Florence to make her way through. And, even though our staff was very fortunate to have missed the worst of this […]

Songs to Dream On

By Rose Ann Sinay

Like many mothers-to-be (in the late 70s), I was delighted and stressed over decorating the nursery in genderless shades of yellow and green, and animal or alphabet themes. The ultrasound test that could tell you the sex of your baby was still a thing of the future. The absence of this (now) routine technology is […]

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