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Sonya Lee

Does Size Really Matter?

Every six months, I faithfully head to a local jewelry store to get my diamond solitaire engagement ring inspected and cleaned; and for what seems like the last eight years, the dialogue is always the same. “Hi, I’d like to get my ring inspected.” “Sure,” the sales associate replies as she inspects my stone and […]


By Sonya Lee


Friendships form in many different ways and at many different points in life. Some form in grade school, high school, college or the work force, but rarely do they form at birth. However, born just six weeks apart, that is exactly when Whit and Katie became friends. Due to the friendships of their parents, they […]

I Now Pronounce You, Father and Daughter

They say you can’t choose your family. I say those people are wrong. The man I consider my dad is of no biological relation. He’s just a man who decided to take a chance on a woman with an eleven-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son. He chose us, and we chose him. However, sometimes it […]