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Susan DeBow

How Water Saved Me From Drowning

Let’s just say on the weight scene that at my highest, I scored higher than a perfect bowling game. About a strike in the tenth frame and seven pins higher. I can say it this way, but I can’t say the number. It gets stuck in my throat. Big bones? Not particularly. Just a load […]

Hip Hip Hooray!

By Susan DeBow

Hip Hip Hooray!

I gingerly walk to the kitchen to heat my leftover sesame chicken and vegetable fried rice for lunch. It tastes fine, although the chicken is tougher than when I ate the first helping last night. But I am satisfied. Happy even. It’s the little things I missed, like heating leftovers in the microwave, while for […]

No Whine For Me

By Susan DeBow

I don’t like wine. Okay. There, I’ve said it. In public. To the masses. I only like to go to a wine bar if it is with a person who is whining. That way, I can offer some cheese and eat some myself. I am opposite of a wine snob. If someone asks me what […]

The Lost River

By Susan DeBow

Last night I admitted my daughter to a mental health hospital. The last ten years have been a ride on the Lost River, which used to be a ride at Coney Island. You would get into a wooden boat and go into a lightless tunnel that flowed with water from the Ohio River. It was […]

Sunday Wake

By Susan DeBow

Sunday, my husband and I went to the wake of a 62-year-old former neighbor. We stood in the funeral home and watched a video of photos taken throughout the man’s life. As we watched his life, we saw our lives, too. There were the photos of Bill, that was his name, growing up. He had […]

My husband feels like a failure because we haven’t won the lottery. Every other day, usually in the morning, he will say, “Well, we didn’t win the lottery last night.” He’ll then sigh and sulk for the next few minutes. I have to reassure him that I love him and tell him not to take […]

My dad used to have poker parties. Every couple of months he would pay my sisters and I a dollar to clean the basement so he and his cronies could sit at the round Formica top table, covered with a green cloth, and play One Eyed Jack, Man with the Ax, Pair of Deuces Takes […]

Shedding Layers

By Susan DeBow

On the coast of Ireland, Becky leaned against the ruin of Puxley Manor, a manor house which had been owned by an English family and torched by the Irish townspeople. She smiled her best come hither look into my camera. She was confident that for her, time had stood still, and her body had maintained […]

I am a lucky person for I have been loved well. I’ve got someone who thinks I am divine in all my imperfect being. Where my eyes and mind see my shortcomings, he sees my strengths. Where I see a face with jowls that hang like curtain valances from my jaw line, skin that can […]

It’s happening again. I placed a piece of red, blue and green plaid on top of a floral print on a white background. That’s when my mother said, “Susie, plaids and florals don’t go together.” I shrugged my shoulders, snickered and continued unfolding and folding my stash of fabric that I have collected the last […]

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