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Susan DeBow

Maybe it took the doctor telling me the EKG showed I had had a heart attack for me to get back to the heart of the matter of living. Or perhaps it was after stressing for a few days before taking several tests that proved that I had not had a heart attack that made […]

Let’s Celebrate

By Susan DeBow

I love to celebrate. I celebrate most anything anymore. A birthday? No question. The possibility of a good day today? That’s cause for a hallelujah! A notice from the doctor that the Pap test turned out fine? Ye-hah! Mind you, most of my celebrations do not involve a big party. And, many of my celebrations […]

Me, the Movie Queen

By Susan DeBow

I confess. I always wanted to be an actress. Emoting to improve the world condition seemed to be a worthy cause. If I could be an actress there would be no more wars, cancer would go “poof,” children would never starve and bad people would be inspired to turn their lives around and make bandages […]

Taking a Chance

By Susan DeBow

When I landed at Shannon Airport I knew what my luggage looked like. It looked like ninety percent of the other black suitcases bouncing down the slide and onto the carousel. I knew what was inside my luggage: clothes, shawls, workshop supplies, some makeup in case I wanted to drive through the Irish countryside in […]

The Big Game

By Susan DeBow

It was one of those quiet days, the kind that allow you to catch up with time and life. After spending the previous week taking care of our 21-month-old grandson, and nearly three months of travel, we needed our bodies and minds to slow down and return to a slower rhythm. It was a late […]

There are certain things I feel that God short changed me on when She was arranging my genes. I can’t sing worth a sunken ship, my thighs are genetic mutations of the California Redwoods, and my right leg is an inch and a half longer than my left. Those are just a few of my […]

Baseball on the Radio

By Susan DeBow

I used to think double header baseball games were God’s gift to summer. My dad and I used to spend hours in Crosley Field drinking lemonade, eating hot dogs and peanuts and watching the game. Well, my dad watched the game. With his transistor radio planted firmly by his ear, dad focused on the game, […]

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