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Susan Harvey

Mother of the Bride

By Susan Harvey

Dread describes my feelings on the day of my daughter’s wedding rehearsal seventeen years ago. I admit, dread is an unusual feeling for the mother of the bride, but this night I would see my former Hubby for the first time since our divorce. I would also meet the New Wife. I’d heard she was […]

I am the poster child for chaos when it comes to organizing anything from my closets to my calendar, but I wasn’t always this way. When I had a family to care for, everything in my home had a place, and I never forgot anything. Back then life was hectic, but I stayed on top […]

Calendar Girl

By Susan Harvey

January seems the logical time for new beginnings. I suppose that’s the reason we make resolutions on New Year’s Day instead of on Halloween. I’ve given up on resolutions because each year my new beginning quickly turns into a discouraging ending and leaves me feeling like a loser. I use the term loosely because my […]

Late Start

By Susan Harvey

Earning a college degree increased my confidence more than any other single life experience. At age forty-five, I decided to go to college. My two daughters were in college, I was newly divorced, and wanderlust struck, so I applied to the University of South Carolina in Columbia, my hometown, and ran home to my mother. […]

Remote Control

By Susan Harvey

In hindsight, I recognize many milestones in my life, but at the time they were happening, I viewed each event as a natural progression through life – high school graduation, marriage, childbirth, my daughters’ graduations and their weddings. However, when I decided to divorce my husband of twenty-five years, I knew this was not a […]

Home on the Range

By Susan Harvey

As a writer, I do a lot of research, most of it surfing online or interviewing experts. Recently, I did hands-on research for a mystery I’m writing and, even though I faced it with dread and anxiety, I actually had fun and boosted my self-confidence by learning a new skill. I learned to shoot. That’s […]

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