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Suzan Chiacchio Brand

My Tree

By Suzan Chiacchio Brand

Every time I drove by it, I promised to stop next time and get a photo; it was so beautiful to me. What was it? It was a tree. A tree rooted along a small stream next to a road I travelled almost every day. Its gracefulness amazed me each and every time I passed […]

To Part or Not

By Suzan Chiacchio Brand

Twirling my long blonde hair around my fingers waiting in an airport lounge, I couldn’t imagine being bald. I certainly couldn’t imagine being bald at 13. The nearby TV was showing Locks of Love makeovers, and what I saw got me thinking. Several women agreed to shear their beloved tresses to be made into wigs […]

The storm never materialized into the ferocious rain that was predicted, and all we heard through the evening was the buzzing of insects and the soft taps of an occasional rain shower on the fly of the tent. The sweltering heat of the day before had broken as the front pushed its way out to […]