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Terri Elders

Not Fun and Games?

By Terri Elders

“A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.” Andre Maurois I’d just started junior high when some scowling soul first told me that marriage wasn’t all fun and games. I can’t remember who it was…it could have been Aunt Violet or my home economics teacher. Mostly I remember the tone of […]

Decades ago, in a psychology class, I learned that as we grow older we reminisce about events from our earlier years. This normal life review process doesn’t involve rejecting the present to live in the past. We needn’t mope around, hankering for the so-called Good Old Days. Rather, nature thoughtfully provides us with opportunity to […]

The Offhand Christmas

By Terri Elders

I’d already addressed and mailed cards, bought the tree and hidden the presents. I still had a week left to select a turkey, pick up cranberries for relish and bake the pecan tassies that Ken loved. Squishing together butter, cream cheese and flour and pressing it into mini-muffin tins was easier than rolling out a […]

Ugali, by Golly

By Terri Elders

A lifetime later I still recall staring at the photos of the children of East Africa that the Quaker missionaries pinned to a curtain in the basement of the Friends Church in Scotts Mills, Oregon. In one faded snapshot a group of children sat on grass mats, hands folded, eyes intent on a white-haired woman […]