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The Great Escape


By Beth Pugh

The usual brightly lit hallway remained pitch black as every student exited the room. The light from inside slipped through the glass window once the door was shut, throwing shadows of teenage figures against the walls. Being a female dominated class we were anything but quiet as we walked along. Our whispers came out more […]

Ride The Bull

By Melissa Face

On our last night in Atlantic City, my family and I sat in a bar and watched the night scene unfold. We observed awkward interactions between males and females as they guzzled liquid courage and did their best to appear taller, stronger and more attractive to the opposite sex. It was quite entertaining. Then, in […]

On August 21st our community has the opportunity to view the first total solar eclipse in 26 years. This heavenly event will begin in Oregon, and then sweep the country, giving most people in South Carolina at least a partial view. An approximately 70 mile wide band will see at least a few seconds of […]

From the Portuguese island of Madeira, in the Atlantic Ocean and west of North Africa, to the city of Lisbon, to newly rediscovered Porto, to the Balearic Islands including elegant Palma and wild Ibiza to historic Biarritz and culinary San Sebastian in northern Spain – these are a few of the destinations you can experience […]

Before leaving for that fun road trip, take time to make sure your car is in tip top shape! First, check all your fluids – oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid. Next, it is always good to know your brake life; you don’t want to have brake issues while you’re away from home. […]

Nestled in a quaint shopping center just north of the North Causeway in Pawleys Island, Suzanne Temple spends her days making sure her renters have the best possible stay in our beautiful community. With over 85 homes, this is a huge job, especially in the summer months, managed efficiently with the help of her staff […]

Multi-generation vacationing is a wonderful way for the extended family to reconnect, and Adventures by Disney has this down to a science! The destinations vary from touring America, to exploring European destinations, to a River Cruise on the Danube! From the moment your trip is booked, the magic begins.  Virtually every detail is handled–every meal, […]

Preparing your child financially for college entails teaching them money management, the importance of saving money, and tracking/budgeting for expenses. For many of them this will be the first time they are “on their own” and actually starting to manage money for themselves. They will have new responsibilities and will need to learn to budget […]

Forgetting the Rules

By Diane Stark

“I’ll be right back,” I told my seven-year-old son, Nathan. “I’m just walking down to get the mail.” “Ooh, can I go?” He asked. “Can I eat a popsicle while we walk?” I frowned. “Not this time, Honey. You’re still in your pajamas.” “So? Why can’t I go? I really want to eat a green […]

Feathering an Empty Nest

By Kay Hollyday Filar

For as long as I have known my husband, almost 47 years, the passing of our lives has been measured by a school calendar. That is because for all those years – from the time we met in college through retirement last October – one or both of us worked in a setting linked to […]

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