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The Great Escape

The Magic of a New Car

By Jeffery Cohen

I was perfectly happy with the old Plymouth that I had been driving for more than twelve years. I would probably still be behind the wheel, had it not been for the cement truck that plowed into me, turning my car into something resembling an accordion. In the market for a new car, I headed down to […]

I’m often asked, “How can I attend college? I can’t afford it!” The answer is simple. Students wishing to attend HGTC can secure financial assistance through a variety of state and federal programs that allow students to earn a degree or certificate practically debt-free! How do you know if you qualify? Many people don’t believe […]

What I Learned at Camp

By Linda DeMers Hummel

There are decisions you make in life when you’re in a good mood. This was one of them. At the end of a triumphant first year of teaching school, I accepted an offer to work at a summer camp in the Berkshires. My boyfriend took a job there, too. We dreamed of wholesome fun in […]

One of the most powerful tools in preserving memories is the investment of time. Meaningful conversations with loved ones about their hometown and childhood, family, hobbies, military service and adventures, uncovers rich and personal history. It is easy to become immersed in their stories and when they finish, you will not only have a connection […]

Passage to Anywhere

By Rose Ann Sinay

Our bucket list is a page long. It’s split into three columns: “his,” “hers,” and a space for a (happy?) compromise. The first item on my list is a trip to France – Paris – the heatbeat of the country. I want to see the Eiffel Tower. I want to walk under the great stone […]

All my life I’d wondered about the origin of my uncommon last name. A few years ago, a stranger’s Facebook post led me on a quest that differed from any vacation I’d ever taken. According to the post, all those with the last name Yanguas can trace their lineage to a small, eponymous town in […]

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