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The Simple Life

TV Dinners

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

I used to love to go out to dinner, and still do, but nowadays I actually prefer cooking at home. It’s such an adventure! And even though I own more than thirty cookbooks, I enjoy being creative and whipping up a new dish from the “windmills of my mind,” to use a phase from a […]

Here’s to Valentine’s Day – a great opportunity to show that certain someone that you care and to spread a little warmth, cheer and caring during some of the coldest days of the year. That said, we really don’t know very much about St. Valentine, the supposed founder of the day named in his honor. […]

As I entered my dusty attic I was determined to clean, sort and de-clutter. I removed many boxes of outgrown clothes and made a pile to take to our local thrift store. I went through plastic tubs of holiday treasures and old toys and actually reduced them by at least half. I was extremely proud […]

“What’s your love language?” I asked my now-husband on our first date. “Touch,” Eric answered without even thinking. I smiled. “Mine too.” Although it was our first date, his answer seemed like confirmation of everything I’d been feeling since we’d started chatting on the dating website, eHarmony. This guy is special, maybe even The One, […]

Motherhood Revisited

By Pat Wahler

At an age when most women are cooing over grandchildren, I became a new mother. It happened after I retired. My beloved Schnauzer had died six months earlier, and the ache of seeing his empty bed started me thinking about adopting a dog. I needed a calm and dignified senior canine who would enjoy lounging […]

Ganging Up at the Movies

By Jeffery Cohen

I love the movies! I always have, ever since I was a kid. Watching those projected images on the big screen can take you to places you’ve never been, and introduce you to characters you only dream about. I learned about bravery from a thin little water-bearer from India, a wannabe soldier who proved to have the heart […]

Beach Treasures

By Linda O’Connell

The beach is my happy place. No matter how hectic my life, how frantic my thoughts or how many troubles I have the smell and sounds of the sea tames my unruly hair, improves my skin, softens my wrinkles and heals my heart. Every nerve cell seems to come alive when I am at the […]

Buying furniture is the third largest investment families make in a lifetime, coming only after their home and car, and shopping smart can save costly mistakes. Usually, when a family buys furniture, they haven’t purchased in a long time – maybe 15 or 20 years. Maybe you’re moving into a new home that’s nothing like […]

The Frogs in my Life

By Marianne Taylor

Ladies, from the time we are very small we read many tales which tell us we will have to kiss many frogs before the prince shows up. For those of us reentering the dating scene in the middle of our middle years – beware! It’s a jungle out there. With regard to the commercials on […]

In April 1936, in Tupelo, Mississippi, a massive F5 tornado ripped through the town, killing more than 200 people. However, history records the suffering and loss of only one side of the population. During the aftermath, the African-American citizens affected by this horrific event were not included in the final numbers. Minrose Gwin grew up […]

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