Assisted Living: New Beginnings

By Nancie Leeton

The first thing I would like readers to know is that assisted living is “not the end” – it is a new beginning! As a matter of fact, I introduce myself to visitors as the Director of New Beginnings – because that’s what I do, I help people begin a new life!

Many people still have the old “nursing home” image in their minds when they think about assisted living. THRIVE is not a facility, it is a community. I think many folks would be surprised about the fact that many of our residents still drive, work on their computers and even play golf! Everyone that lives here is on the same journey, but each person travels it in a different way, and that is why we develop a personal care plan for every resident.

I think people would also be surprised to see the energy we have here at THRIVE. Our calendar is full of purposeful activities and events – we are beyond bingo! The residents as well as the staff have a lot of fun here! Assisted living provides a stress-free lifestyle. No longer do you have to worry about preparing meals, doing your laundry, cleaning the house, or driving. I often hear residents and family members say they wish they had made the decision to move in sooner!

One of the most gratifying experiences that I’ve had starting up this community is not only filling it with our wonderful residents, but enjoying the sound of laughter and witnessing strong friendships being forged. Friendships happen quickly here because our residents have a lot in common. Many were in the military or relocated here from the same area. Our residents and staff have a genuine concern for each other and that’s truly the beauty and the blessing of living in a community.

It is very heartwarming to see families come together again to relax and enjoy time together. It is a huge relief for the adult child when they finally surrender their caregiver duties. It is also a relief for the parent who no longer has to worry about being a burden to their child. It truly takes a village to support our seniors and with our experienced and dedicated staff, we are the village.

About this writer

  • Nancie Leeton

    Nancie Leeton

    Nancie Leeton is the Community Relations Director at THRIVE at Prince Creek, located at 699 Prince Creek Parkway in Murrells Inlet. She counsels families and helps them through the journey of picking the right community for their loved one.  She absolutely loves her work! For more information about assisted living, contact Nancie at 843-574-8985 or visit

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