Answers About Hyaluronic Injectable Cosmetic Fillers

By Kimberley B.C. Goh, M.D

Hyaluronic injectable fillers are products used to add volume to the face. Hyaluronic acid is a chemical protein found in the human body that can now be duplicated in a laboratory. They are well tolerated, do not require a skin test prior to injection and the results are immediate.

Fuller lips, better cheekbones or a more prominent chin can be achieved without surgery. Injectables can be used to fill wrinkles or folds in the face, giving a younger, fresher and healthier appearance.

There is another product that stimulates your own collagen to replace volume, but the results are not immediate and it takes up to two months for you to see the new growth. I use this product if there is a very large volume to restore in the cheeks or temples.

The deeper the need for volume in soft tissue, the thicker the injectable should be. Some of the fillers may last up to 2 years. These are the ones I typically use deep in the cheekbone area. The nasolabial folds can be addressed with the more moderately thick fillers. These typically last 6-12 months, but there is a new one that may last up to 18 months.

If you just have fine lines around the mouth, there are two fillers that are very thin and do a good job. The thinner fillers last from 6-12 months only.

Any injection may cause some discomfort. Depending on your pain tolerance, the injection can be done with no anesthetic, a topical anesthetic or a nerve block. With the hyaluronic acid fillers, the results are immediate. However, there may be some swelling or bruising that may take 3-5 days to settle. Lips tend to swell more than other areas.

Do your research about the available products. How long do they last? Who is doing the injecting? Clearly outline your expectations to your surgeon.

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  • Kimberley B.C. Goh, M.D

    Kimberley B.C. Goh, M.D

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