Choosing Jewelry to Last a Lifetime

By Wendy Wowk

As a jewelry designer and shop owner for the past 40 years, I believe that every woman, if they enjoy jewelry, should own one piece that defines her personality – her “statement piece.” A piece of jewelry she can wear every day; a piece that represents her unique style.

Think about the first time you were introduced to jewelry. Maybe it was a fun little piece that your Grandma bought for you from the dollar store, or a gold cross you received at your confirmation. It could have been a family heirloom passed down to you, or even a promise ring from your very first boyfriend. Whatever the piece, it will always hold a special place in your heart because jewelry should always make a statement.

Your statement piece can be created from various precious metals, non-metals, stone, glass, various bead options, pearls and so much more! When choosing your piece of jewelry, you have the ability to make that unique decision, and even meet with a designer and create a piece that was designed especially for you!

The first step to finding your perfect piece of jewelry is thinking about where you are going to wear this piece. Is this piece of jewelry to be worn formally or every day? Are you a mom who needs a sturdy piece of jewelry that will hold up to a busy lifestyle or a retired executive that doesn’t really want to fuss anymore, but wants something to wear every day? These are important questions to ask yourself.

The next step is choosing the materials. Having a good relationship with your jeweler will help you learn a lot about gems and how to care for them so your jewelry stays looking new for a lifetime.

The last step is the design. This is where your personality shines through. Anything is possible, when it comes to choosing your favorite colors, shapes and style. Your statement piece becomes the most important piece in your collection – and when you wear it you feel confident and beautiful!

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  • Wendy Wowk

    Wendy Wowk

    Contact Wendy by calling Jewelry by Wendy at 910-575-0024 or stop by The Calabash Cottages, 10152 Beach Drive SW, Suite 6, Calabash, North Carolina. Visit Wendy’s website at

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