Explore the Art Trail

By Joan Leotta

With the help of one little rack card, visitors and residents now have a guide to direct art-inspired meanderings up and down the Grand Strand – from Calabash, North Carolina, south to Georgetown. Local art galleries, museums and restaurants with galleries show their connection and invite all to enjoy the many venues promoting visual art in our community. Called the Grand Strand Art Trail, this rack card list is the brainchild of John Morken, Executive Director, of the non-profit organization. The Arts Grand Strand (theartsgrandstrand.org).

The rack card is one of the many efforts of Morken’s group to showcase all of the area’s arts opportunities, including exhibits and performances, and to show the connection between the arts in our community.

As Barbara Streeter, a board member of the group and owner of Conway Art Glass says, “The arts here are more connected than most people realize. The rack card offers an opportunity for people to see the vast reach of the visual arts in Horry County and its neighbors. The area is so large; it is especially hard for visitors to learn about places not directly on the beach.”

Ginny Lassiter, owner of the Sunset River Marketplace, an art gallery and the northernmost place on the card says of the Art Trail card, “I do not know of another marketing piece in print that does what this one does. It is easy to follow and appeals to the people that galleries and art venues hope to attract.”

Pat Goodwin, Director of the Myrtle Beach Art Museum says, “People coming to the gallery often ask us if there are other galleries in the area. We recommend a few but now we have an organized list to offer in the form of the card. It’s great only to see the number of museums, galleries and art-themed restaurants along the Grand Strand and how the card brings us together to tell our collective story.”

Anyone who wants can print out a copy of the art trail from the web at theartsgrandstrand.org. Visiting the site is also a great way to find out what is going on in the other arts – music, theater, classes and performances – in our area. The Art Trail cards are also available in the twenty-one trail locations and will be given out at area special events.

This fall, paid guided tours of the Art Trail will be available with Robin McCall of Storehouse Tours. She says that because of the size of the county her day trips will be broken into three segments – north, center and south – on October 24, 25 and 26. Check her site for price and availability.

Check out The Arts Grand Strand website for the latest information onthe wide swath of cultural arts that washes over the sands in Myrtle Beach every single day. (theartsgrandstrand.org)

About this writer

  • Joan Leotta

    Joan Leotta

    Joan Leotta of Calabash, North Carolina, has been playing with words since childhood. She is a journalist, playwright, short story writer and author of several mysteries and romances as well as a poet. She also performs folklore and one-woman shows on historic figures.

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3 Responses to “Explore the Art Trail”

  1. Rose Ann says:

    What a great idea to remind us of easily overlooked “gems.” Next time we are in the area we’ll use the Art Trail suggestions so we don’t miss anything! Thanks for the info!

  2. Betsy L. Haase says:

    Thanks, Joan, for the informative article!

  3. Mary Ann Crimi says:

    Thank you for this information, Joan. Although I am not an artist, I do love to view (and purchase!).

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