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By Nicole McManus

September is a refreshing month. Seasons change, school is in full swing and a fresh stack of books are waiting to be read. Below are three books that will surely make your top ten fall favorites!

Ribbons of Scarlet, by Kate Quinn, Stephanie Dray, Laura Kamoie, Sophie Perinot, Heather Webb, and E. Knight (To be released in October)

Ten years: Ten epic years in Paris, during one of the most tumultuous times in history. This is the set-up of Ribbons of Scarlet– seven women of various backgrounds, fighting for women’s rights, in the midst of the male dominated kingdom. Each author provides one woman’s powerful perspective, while each section connects into one remarkable tale. Readers will want to make sure they read the authors’ notes in the back, and maybe even conduct their own research on these REAL women.

I wanted to include this exciting book in the September issue of Sasee, because two of these incredible authors will be at the October 4th Moveable Feast! I have read several of these authors before, many of whom are already on my list of favorite historical fiction writers. Only two were new to me, but I have added their other works to my wish list. There seems to be a new trend of authors teaming up to write poignant novels, as well as a motion to bring more stories of strong women to the forefront. This book is a remarkable example of both. I did not know a lot about the French Revolution before, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and have been looking for others set in the same time period. This novel was made for historical fiction fans!

The Last Book Party, by Karen Dukess

It is 1987, and Eve Rosen has been offered a job as an assistant to a powerful author. She jumps at the chance, hoping it will be a boost to her career. However, she soon discovers that secrets and romance are a tricky Cape Cod business. Will she be able to remain true to herself, or will she get wrapped up in the whimsical times?

This is an easy-to-read novel of a young woman trying to find her way in a dream career. The Last Book Party is a debut novel by Karen Dukess, who easily transports readers to the Cape Cod setting. The eccentric characters suit the storyline perfectly, making it a very believable tale.

Ah, this is the perfect book to take to the beach for that last weekend of hot summer rays. I easily read this book in one day and I am sure other readers will do the same. First, it is a book set in the midst of the literary world. Second, there is romance and a bit of intrigue. Third, it draws you back into the ‘80s, before the internet and social media ruled the world. Dreams and ambitions versus mentoring and bitterness are at the heart of this coming-of-age novel.

Because You’re Mine, by Rea Frey

Lee is the mother of an autistic boy, who knows the power of routines. However, her best friend, Grace, makes her realize that she needs an adult-only weekend. Therefore, Lee begrudgingly entrusts her son’s care to his tutor, Noah. When the weekend is over, someone is dead and everyone has a million little secrets. Who survives the weekend? Who has the one secret that could destroy them all?

Psychological thrillers are known for fast-paced tales with unreliable narrators, and this book provides both. Women’s literature is meant to tug at the heartstrings, which this story does, as well. Readers may get whiplash as they try to keep up with this wild ride! Told from three points-of-view and various time periods, this book will keep everyone on their toes. Half the fun comes from trying to figure out which of the narrators, readers should trust. Fans of Shari Lapena and Liane Moriarty, will want to add Rea Frey to their must-read list.

As you may know, I love a good psychological thriller. I had not read Rea Frey’s other books, so I was unfamiliar with her style. However, after reading the synopsis and seeing quotes referencing some of my favorite authors, I was excited to read this story. This book is definitely one you will want to read with a friend, so you can discuss all the gritty details together. There are twists and turns that even the brightest reading detective will have a hard time predicting. This is a fast-paced, intense read.

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    Nicole McManus loves to read, to the point that she is sure she was born with a book in her hands. She writes book reviews in the hopes of helping others find the magic found through reading. Contact her at ariesgrlreview.com.

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