Making the Holidays (and Every Day) Easier

By Abbie Reece

Christmas always means a good time for me and my family. While I don’t do a lot of decorating, I do put up a tree – my tree from last year never came down! It’s in a den we don’t use a lot, and because I didn’t put it up until late in the season, we decided to leave it up to enjoy all year. (Don’t judge, we love Christmas!)

My favorite part of the holidays is being home with my two sons, 18 and 12 – my 18 year old works with me at Gateway Supply in the warehouse. Life is a little crazy living with two boys and two dogs. My 12 year old is in 7th grade and plays the saxophone in the school band. One of the dogs is a 120 pound Rottweiler – he’s a big teddy bear, but hates the sound of the saxophone. When the horn starts playing, the dog starts barking! It’s wild, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I take a week off around Christmas, and we spend the week doing all the traditional Christmas activities. We bake cookies, see movies, drink hot chocolate and play board games – all of us love UNO. I’m originally from Ohio, but my parents live here, right across the street, so we go back and forth a lot. We exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, but on Christmas Day we have an early dinner at my parents’ home. Mom does the main dish, but I make several side dishes. Both boys grab a dish and we all parade across the street – it’s hilarious to see!

Another of my favorite traditions is hosting a holiday potluck for my work family and friends. Everyone brings their favorite dish, and we eat, listen to music and enjoy spending time together. Fortunately, being in the plumbing business makes my life a lot easier. My kitchen is equipped with a Kohler, Chef Inspired Stages sink. This sink is amazing – it’s 45 inches across, has a Wet Works surface for my prep work, six porcelain prep bowls and a stainless steel storage rack. This sink has changed the way I cook.

I’ve been the showroom manager at Gateway Supply for 10 years and in the plumbing business for 15 years. I really enjoy all aspects of design and architecture and get to create some really cool looks that impact people’s lives in a positive way. I’ve built “carwash” showers and bathtubs you wouldn’t believe – recently we installed a tub that has the water flowing down into the tub from the ceiling – it’s gorgeous. The digital age now extends to plumbing, and you can get some really fun fixtures – how about a sink you can tell to pour exactly two cups of water? Or a bidet seat that stays warm, washes and blow dries? And, aside from being beautiful, these types of accessories give people with mobility issues more freedom because they can take care of themselves without assistance.

There are so many beautiful ways to create a room – shopping for plumbing is exciting, and we offer endless ways to make your life easier and more pleasant. It’s very satisfying to help people plan their home and cater to their specific needs. Stop by and say hello – I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we offer.

About this writer

  • Abbie Reece

    Abbie Reece

    While originally from Ohio, Abbie Reece has been in Myrtle Beach for 15 years and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

    Stop by Gateway Supply to see Abbie and the many beautiful, new options for all of your plumbing needs. You’ll find her at 4928 Highway 17 Bypass in Myrtle Beach or give her a call at 843-293-9367. The website is

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