–Read It!– Nicole Says…Books Make Perfect Gifts for Kids

By Nicole McManus

Children of all ages, including adults, will love the uplifting messages in these three books.All make perfect gifts anytime of the year.

Three Cheers for Kid McGear!, by Sherri Dusky Rinker, Illustrated by A. G. Ford

Kid McGear is a girl and very small, but that doesn’t stop her excitement when she joins the construction crew, even if all the bigger trucks keep turning her away. However, when one of the members causes an accident, it is up to Kid McGear to save the day! Parents will remember the stories from their childhood about steam engines and tanks all being told from a boy’s point-of-view, but this story shows girls can like those things, too.

When Pencil Met Eraser, by Karen Kilpatrick and Luis O. Ramos, Jr., Illustrated by German Blanoc

Pencil loves to draw, while Eraser loves to erase, so these two do not get along. As Eraser keeps taking more and more chunks out of Pencil’s artwork, Pencil gets very angry. However, when Pencil veers off course, he realizes Eraser might be helpful. The two then realize that maybe, just maybe working together could be a lot of fun. The illustrations in this book are exquisite and the ending suggests there will be a sequel in the near future, making readers everywhere quite happy!

Stories for Kids who Dare to be Different: True Tales of Amazing People who Stood Up and Stood Out, by Ben Brooks

This book is an incredible addition to the home library. It is filled with short biographies of numerous people throughout history and present day. The biographies give a glimpse into people’s lives in order to intrigue children, but not overwhelm them. Scientists, historians, ice skaters, actors and more are all featured in this book. The author stresses that each of these people did something remarkable, no matter their age, gender, sexuality, or religion. They all found their passion and stuck with it, no matter the obstacles that stood in their way.

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  • Nicole McManus

    Nicole McManus loves to read, to the point that she is sure she was born with a book in her hands. She writes book reviews in the hopes of helping others find the magic found through reading. Contact her at ariesgrlreview.com.

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