Childless By Choice

By Janey Womeldorf

I don’t know when I decided not to have children. I think children decided not to have me. It’s not like with adults. Children know. I confess to having faked painful interest in conversations with adults, but it’s different with kids – they know if you’re genuine. Their “polite adult” radar can detect insincerity in […]

For Mom

By Dee Orr

Photos – snap shots – are a passion of mine. I’ve spent a lifetime preserving such meaningful events as the postman’s new mail truck, the color of our house shutters, or a neighbor’s do-it-yourself hair cut. There are those who would swear that I have a picture of every meal our family has eaten. I […]

OK, I admit it; I’d been harboring a secret desire to make that rite of passage – hosting an Open Garden – after which I would surely become a “real” gardener. One of the joys of belonging to a garden club is visiting other members’ gardens and returning home with creative juices boiling, lusting after […]

It was Friday. I awoke to the spring rain splashing against my window. The clouds were dark, and the sky gave no hint that the inclement weather outside would clear any time soon. My husband was out of town on business, and I knew the rain would prevent me from completing the outside tasks I […]

Love fashion? Love parties? I do; that’s why I was determined to get into the fashion industry. Looking at it from the outside, it seemed like an endless merry-go-round of clothes and open bars. I bided my time going to school, doing internships and other sensible career-friendly things. The whole time, deep inside, lurked a […]

The people who calculate such statistics say the average American owns seven pairs of jeans. I was wearing one of my pairs recently at a family celebration of my forty-first birthday. After cake, gifts and good wishes, my über-hip nieces, Nicole and Madalyn, started whispering and giggling at the kitchen table. “Who’s a Poindexter?” I […]

I love it! If anyone can be outspoken, proper and funny all at the same time, it’s syndicated columnist Judith Martin, aka Miss Manners, the slayer of etiquette atrocities – and in this case, fashion atrocities. Once again, she tells it like it is in a recent column when a reader asked a ridiculous question: […]

Two New Pennies

By Dee Orr

A jar of Del Monte dill pickle halves Kosher-style, a five-pack of Double Bubble bubblegum, and a five-cent Fudgsicle topped the list of my favorite things when I was a little kid. In my teenage years I added to that list a 45-rpm record player, an Angora sweater collar, and Dr Pepper. The list changed […]

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